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melannen ([personal profile] melannen) wrote 2017-03-21 07:37 pm (UTC)

If you don't *object* to the idea of an MC who is a courtesan who loves pain, and you think you would enjoy a very very long medieval-ish fantasy with princesses and barbarians and Travellers and loyal paladins and court intrigue and escapes through mountain winters and castles under siege and journeys by water and epic battles and betrayals and vindications and sacrifices and grand victories and dommed* star-crossed lovers and star-crosses lovers who make it work and an utterly hilarious dirty song that turns up at just the right moments, you would probably enjoy it! (although most of that is in the second half, the first half you mostly get worldbuilding + court intrigue.)

It is definitely not non-stop sex though, that is for darn sure. There's maybe one sex scene per fifty pages and all of them are v. short by fandom standards and most of them are fade-to-black. (And they are all super-plot-relevant and well characterized, which is one benefit of your MC being a courtesan, when she has sex she knows exactly why she is having sex.)

*okay I meant "doomed" there but "dommed" also works

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