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Lis ([personal profile] staranise) wrote in [personal profile] melannen 2017-03-21 06:54 am (UTC)

Oh oh oh this is such a good review, it makes me so happy. ^_^ Your observations about the weird court intrigue (which I have NEVER understood, since I kept looking for an explanation that made sense) and the consent issues are so on-point.

For all that she glorifies in it, her childhood is so crappy and Delaunay is just... so crap. He's so hung up on what he's after and what he wants and forgets to treat Phedre and her foster-brother like real people. Which she simultaneously knows and ignores.

I think the book really doesn't know whether it wants to be id-fantasy or actual solid spec-fic? Like, it clearly does want to be spec-fic with proper worldbuilding and everything, but then it also wants virginity auctions and cruel husbands controlling their wives, which necessitates a setup at odds with the worldbuilding. It wants kink, but it also wants the frisson of Phedre being Weird and Deviant and Having Shameful Desires. And the discrepancies just get papered over.

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