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I know it comes up later that if you have D'Angeline blood and want a baby you have to light a candle to Eisheth and pray (and it's only women, men do not get any choice in the matter), but I thought it had come up in the first book. But I could be wrong, it's been a while since I've reread that one.

Unlike the commenter above, I love the third book of the original trilogy and find the second one kind of meh, but YMMV.

Jacqueline Carey is such an odd writer. Basically, she's two writers, and one of them is AMAZING (portions of the first Kushiel trilogy, Santa Olivia) and one of them is TERRIBLE (other Kushiel stuff, the hilaribad sequel to Santa Olivia). Her most recent book, Miranda and Caliban, is her best book to date. I would like it to win ALL THE THINGS despite it being the most depressing book I have read in at least five years-- it is the star-crossed romance of, well, Miranda and Caliban, never contradicts a word of the play's text, and she did all the research on the kind of creepy-ass patriarchal thinks-he's-being-saintly vaguely-Christian occultist Prospero would have to be for that plot, and I spent the last half of the book ugly-crying.

So I read her stuff whenever more appears, but she's not an automatic buy for me because sometimes you just get astonishing bullshit like the entire Banewreaker series or whatever the fuck that was supposed to be.

I really wish she could be consistent for more than two hundred pages at a time.

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