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M ([personal profile] recessional) wrote in [personal profile] melannen 2017-03-21 12:40 am (UTC)

But, of course, as everyone who has heard of this book knows, nobody cares about that because it is also an EROTIC fantasy full of KINKY PORN.

....except it really, really isn't.

This is basically the summary of why I have never read it, because I will never really get over the sheer "[thought bubble burst?]" moment of when I first got it summarized to me?

Which like, we were seventeen at the time. It SHOULD have been fairly shocking. Except I'd also been hanging out at ~dot-poly-snark and ~dot-bdsm-snark for over a year at that point so after setting up this breathless "omg this book!!" implication of risque and so on, when my friend then described it there was this OVERWHELMING sense of " . . . .okay and then?"

And then "????" when that was it.

And now, purely knowing ME, I know I would never be able to get through it without endless brain shouting of THAT IS NOT EVEN THAT KINKY. YOUR IDEA OF DEPRAVITY IS RIDICULOUS. I KNOW LIKE SEVEN NATURAL MASOCHISTS THIS IS ABSURD. Which is just silly, mind, and I do not at all think anyone else shouldn't like it or anything! Just, I know my brain. For reals. *facehands*

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