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I prefer the term "an example of rape culture", followed by the example, a definition of rape culture, and an explanation of why this is not a good thing. However, if I had to use the term "rapey", I would say "may or may not explicitly include rape in the first, second or third degrees** or non-consensual sexual contact, but uncritically includes things like dubious consent, victim-blaming for things like molestation, sexual harassment and sexual abuse, absolving rapists/sexual abusers/sexual harassers/molesters of responsibility for their actions, objectifying people, and normalization of all of the above."

** Rape in the first degree: rape involving physical force, including the use of weaponry or the threat to use such weaponry; kidnapping; the infliction of physical injury on the victim, including rendering the victim unconscious; or illegally entering the building where the victim is.

Rape in the second degree: rape that involves force or forcible compulsion (duress) but no weapons or threats to use weapons; rape that happens when the victim is incapable of consent because they are physically helpless (comatose or paralyzed, for instance) or mentally incapacitated (drunk, high, asleep, catatonic, etc.); rape that happens when the victim has a developmental disability and the rapist has supervisory authority over them (teacher, social worker, etc.), was providing transportation, within the course of his or her employment, to the victim at the time of the rape, or is a health care provider, the victim is a client or patient, and the sexual intercourse occurs during a treatment session, consultation, interview, or examination.

Rape in the third degree: rape where the victim does not explicitly consent and their lack of consent is clear through their words, actions and behavior, or where the rapist threatens substantial harm to property to compel the victim.

These are all Washington state laws. I spent a LOT of time analyzing the Fifty Shades series. Christian Grey is guilty of all three at one point or another.

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