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melannen ([personal profile] melannen) wrote 2017-03-17 11:09 pm (UTC)

It had never really hit my radar as a word in my lexicon until the comments to the FMK #3 poll and then I realized actually we were all using it quite a lot! I don't know if I've ever used it in a top-level review but I know I've used it in comments and responses (and definitely made judgements based on other people using it.)

Sounds like you're coming down pretty hard on what I meant by the "unnecessary" option in your documented uses, which is reasonable. (I don't know if I would use it for that or not - i.e. if something had a lot of rape afaict just for angst and atmosphere, but it *was* well handled for what it was.... it would probably depend on how much I like the book otherwise. Kushiel is probably running pretty close to the "unnecessary amounts" line at this point, actually. But it doesn't really take much to convince me it's unnecessary, these days.)

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