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copracat ([personal profile] copracat) wrote in [personal profile] melannen 2017-03-18 09:02 am (UTC)

Ah Doc Smith, one of the most compellingly boring of the Golden Age writers. I actually read a whole lot of them before I made myself stop out of sheer self preservation. I've never really been able to read the overly technical, underly everything boys since. Seriously, if I wanted to know how a thing worked, I would read a manual or a book of pop science if I were feeling lazy.

Still, I will never forget the awesome book (name? that I forgot) where the Lensman crash landed on a planet and repaired his ship from first principles. He prospected, he mined, he smelted, he cast, he built a forge and forged! It was ridiculous and sublime. And was a little bit inspirational. A lot of what I do as a hobby - bread-making, baking, sewing, knitting, gardening for food are because in my heart I think I should be able to do things from first principles. And goddammit, if you gave me some ore and a muddy, woody creek bank I would bloody well smelt and cast you some metal.

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