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Hey, some titles I actually know and have opinions on!

People have already said this stuff in greater detail, but I voted K on Auel and Gabaldon for the rapey-ness of those particular books. I read Auel as a young teenager as well, and Clan of the Cave Bear is super gross in a way that the sequels really are not, so if you haven't read those I would actually recommend the next in the series just to get a sense of what those books were about. I only read Gabaldon very recently and rage-quit it - the author really loves how the MC's Scottish clansman husband has to constantly ~teach her a lesson, and I really hated it.

The first Anita Blake books are not necessarily bad as such, just intensely vampire idfic-y? The series just goes on way too long. So - F.

And I haven't read Kushiel's Dart, but so many people are enthusiastic about those so I want you to read it and report back, so also F.

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