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melannen ([personal profile] melannen) wrote 2017-03-08 03:18 pm (UTC)

Based on everything I've heard about Kushiel, I will either love it or hate it, it's mainly the length that's kept me away.

I understood Clan of the Cave Bear had weird size kink stuff and also mammoth sex as well as the rapeyness, but maybe that's not until later in the series?

I am so there for flowery penises, though.

I don't personally need rape warnings and TBH, I usually just assume that any published book with sex in it is going to have rape and/or other consent issues unless it's been specifically recommended to me as not having them. Rape culture, man. I strongly object to books where the author doesn't seem to know the difference between "rape" and "building a foundation for a loving relationship", though, which, as you know bob, comes up a lot. Also books where the author thinks "she was raped", all by itself counts as "a complex and unique backstory".

(Grimspace had a rape threat that the MC decided to defuse by having consensual sex with him because he was hot anyway, which was interrupted by Designated Love Interest dragging her off in a jealous fit, at which point they had first-time sex up against a wall, after which she learned that Rape Dude had been using a pheromonal perfume that removed her ability to say no and DLI knew about it. And then they have to flee the planet to keep Rape Dude from kidnapping her as a brood mare and the attempted rape and pheromones never get mentioned again.)

(And it's sold as an SF romance but that's the only actual sex scene in the book)

(Sunbird didn't have any sex or explicitly sexual threats but it sure did manage the slavery and torture and discipline scenes)

(Maybe I should start having a special section in my reviews just for "here are the bits with noncon or dubcon" because I suspect I will almost always have *something* for that square.)

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