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I really like Kushiel's Dart but it's a love it or hate it book. It has a very distinctive narrative voice that you will probably love or hate within two pages, so it's an ideal candidate for a fuck. The kink is almost entirely BDSM; the heroine was born blessed by the angel of S&M (seriously) and so has supernatural masochism (seriously) in a country where sex work is holy and consensual, and everyone is very, very pretty. There's lots of luscious description and politicking. Bisexuality and poly or open relationships are the norm, and while the main romance is straight, the heroine's most interesting (foe-yay) romance is with another woman. I don't recall rape in book one but it does have underage characters in sexual situations in a world in which the age of consent is lower, and consent issues involving that and a lack of safe/sane/consensual.

I also honestly like Clan of the Cave Bear, which I realize is a minority opinion. Later books are ridiculous but the first is an engrossing work of anthropological historical fiction with tons of cool cultural worldbuilding, some interesting characters, and soap opera. It does have a rape.

And (this is starting to become a theme): parts of Outlander are lots of fun. The first half or so is pretty enjoyable cross-genre time-travel romance with some unusual genre aspects. There is a romance which I was not so into and which has some sketchy issues (though also some unusual genre aspects - the heroine is married in her own time and the hero is a virgin) and there are rape threats and rape. Though that ALSO has unusual genre issues as it's a man who's raped. There's a really WTF healing vagina scene. The whole book is original in ways it doesn't get credited for because of the problematic/trashy/unappealing elements.

The Healing of Crossroads is book three in a trilogy about veterinarians in fantasyland. It is a bizarre mix of charming and incredibly grimdark and WTF. I would fuck book one (The Magic and the Healing first. No rape! Lots and lots of torture and animal harm, though.

Please fuck Touched by Venom. I am not going to defend that one. It is hilaribad. Also, rapetastic.

I have not read the Storm Constantine book but I hear it has flowery prose and flower-shaped penises.

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