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I also think that there's a certain amount of . . . *grasps* like I found MYSELF stamping very hard on a not particularly admirable impulse, post-finding-out, which is that I just don't LIKE MoA and never have, and never liked any of her other stuff, and everyone else did and I always felt Pressured or Judged. So finding out she was a Terrible Person hit this really strong inclination to a more violent rejection and labelling all of her stuff as TAINTED OMG!! (I had the same impulse with Card, mind.)

Which I personally feel is bullshit, and I know a lot of women, especially either older women or women who were raised in particularly repressed backgrounds, where it really was the first thing they came across that gave them a feeling of identification/etc, and that's a shitty way to treat THEM, so I did stamp on that impulse.

Like I think you're right too - I think there's a lot of stuff contributing to the reactions I've seen. But when it comes down to it, I strongly feel that judging art by the moral failures or successes of the artist is a mug's game. Lots of horrible people make good art, and lots of wonderful people make terrible art, and the art remains, and all we can do is use the art to make US better, regardless of the person who made it. /rambling

Which may be self-justification because my favourite example is actually very germane to me, because on the one hand I find everything he did REPREHENSIBLE and that's just the stuff we have confirmation of (we have no idea what he actually DID to end up with his nephew deciding death was better . . . ), and then on the other you will take the 9th out of my cold dead hands. SO.

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