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I'm sure the tributaries exist! Actually Thomas would have to have about a 10 yr head start on our Thames for the timing to work the way I laid it out, plus he went into it with a better understanding of the technicalities of magic, so they are probably a bit older and there are more of them.

Whether they are the same people - well, Tyburn still has Whitehall, Fleet still has Fleet Street, Beverly Brook still has her parks and conservation areas. So they would be familiar in a lot of ways. But I also suspect he went into the project with different preconceptions as to what constitutes a family than she did. (Partly because he never expected bio-kids of his own, partly because I feel like he's someone who would invent the concept of "found family" on his own regardless.) So they look less like a row of mini-Thomases and more like he collected them one at a time from neighborhoods all over London (which is what he did, to be fair.)

At least a couple of them probably still look like her, actually, because when a river won't wake up you ask for help as necessary....

They are all unbearably, effortlessly posh whenever required though, that changed.

I don't think she has kids of her own in this universe. It would be really, really hard in her position, to start with - any man she made noises about marrying, and the Old Men would freak out about whether he was going to have too much power over the Folly as her husband. And her having a kid out of wedlock would be a step too far for most of that period. I mean, she could maybe get away with it, but they could still make her life a lot harder than it already is (her version of the Folly is already operating on only 60% of the budget that Nightingale gets), and she's the version of herself who made the choice to follow the white mens' rules as much as she had to in order to use the white mens' power. (She and this universe's Tyburn either get along really well or hate each others' guts. or both.) Besides, part of the seed of the AU is to let her be defined some way other than as Mother Goddess, so it's not like it's a great tragedy of her life that she didn't have kids, any more that it would have been the great tragedy of Nightingale's.

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