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Yeah, I had the first Flavia Alba book ready to move on to and then I was like, actually, at this point I kind of want to believe for her sake that she changed her name and went back to Britannia and never interacted with them again. :/


The only way it makes sense is if they decided that what he was doing was worse? But I didn't really see any evidence of that. The new things we learned about him, afaict, were a) his family is horrible, b) the only really unforgivable things he'd done previously outside of the job (like trashing Maia's house) were done by his family in his name, very likely without his full knowledge, and c) he is capable of outmaneuvering Falco and Petro if he's sufficiently motivated.

I mean, he spent the whole book secretly on their side! I came out of it with a *better* impression of him. Meanwhile Falco and Petro secretly kidnapped and tortured a dude and sent him to a painful protracted death in slavery without any actual evidence of wrongdoing.

If a) and c) were supposed to be sufficient justification, I really don't like what that says about the morality of the series.

I can maybe see the evidence of how he'd bungled dealing with his murderous family being enough to convince Falco that he can't be allowed to stay in a position of power, especially with the possible threats to their families, but at that point Falco surely has enough evidence on him, and enough connections and pull, to get him quietly out of his position and out of Rome without needing to resort to secret murder? Like, the Lepcis Magna thing never even gets mentioned and it was supposed to be the nuclear option! She could probably have sold me on that ending but I feel like there was nothing at all there to support it. Especially with that little monologue about how it makes him a hero.

IDK, she does have a history of really abrupt endings, and IIRC her husband died while she was writing it, so I suspect she'd had that ending in mind from early on and when she got to it, she was too sick of the whole thing to bother leading up to it properly.

I think I am choosing to believe that what really happened in that alley is that Falco said either you fake your death and go into exile or I tell them all and he picked exile and Falco kept up the deception in his memoirs. That seems like a more proportionate response.

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