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melannen ([personal profile] melannen) wrote 2017-01-23 07:12 pm (UTC)

I think the cynicism might not actually be right, for once? I think if everything had gone off as planned (speakers until 1:15 followed by a march), those groups (and the Native American prayer that I think was the actual scheduled last speaker) would have made a rousing finish and been what everybody remembered, and I assumed that was the plan. The Black Lives matter part was Big Name Individuals, actually - it was Janelle Monae leading loved ones of the people in the song in "Say Her Name". (And they did have plenty of important organizations and POC activists speaking early, I just didn't want to list them as people to shout over either.)

I think it was a combination of the planners not being able to say no to people who wanted to speak and not having a good conception of how long it would take to get through their speakers list, and not being able to flexibly shift things around once it became clear the plan wouldn't work.

And, yeah, there was also the element where it was at least as much for the TV cameras as the crowd, so they had to put on the people who would bring the TV cameras. And of course it didn't help that there were certainly people in the crowd who were Nice White Ladies (tm) who were there for Gloria Steinem, not Black Lives Matter, so while they would probably have listened and learned it that had been earlier on in the program, Janelle Monae was not what was going to win them back once you'd lost them.

But the organizers basically held us there (with repeated exhortations of "Just a few more speakers and then you can go! We promise! But you can't miss the next one!") until the Black Lives people were done, and then let us march out while the next speaker was some really famous pop singer I'd never heard of. So they did know who was the most important. They just had their timing wrong.

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