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melannen ([personal profile] melannen) wrote2017-01-18 08:51 pm

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OK, I went and took Saturday off work.

Now I get to decide if I want to:

-Go to the last-ever goodbye by-the-bag-clearance sale at the BIG used books warehouse
-Go to the big protest in DC
-Go to the littler protest in Annapolis or Baltimore
-See if the timing works to go to the book sale AND the Annapolis protest

Is anyone planning to go to the DC march?

I am super-hesitant go without being part of a group, having done giant events in DC before and having some idea of what it's like, and I'm not currently hooked up with any local groups of the sort that would send people. The ones in the other cities will probably be smaller and calmer, since most local people will probably make the short trip to DC. On the other hand if I did have a group to hold my hand it would probably be worth going to DC...
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DC is going to be much easier for me than Annapolis, just because of travel times--I'm only coming from Silver Spring and I can walk to metro--and I don't think a smaller one would necessarily be better for me. (I'm recovering from a kidney stone and suspect I may have the weird almost-asymptomatic UTI I got the last time I had a kidney stone; bottled water and portapotties sounds like a recipe for dehydration and I'm not sure that's a good idea right now.)

It will probably be a day-of decision whether I go at all.