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Wednesday reading?

OK, it's Wednesday, let's do my reading post for all of 2016. <_<

My reading goals for 2016 were :
-200 total books (which is what I started at last year, and had to increase because I was getting too far ahead, but I don't think that'll be the case this year.)
-Finish the rest of the started-but-not-finished and review copy books
-Before Hugo noms close, read enough Hugo eligible stuff to be comfortable nomming
-After Hugo noms close, get through some of those comics you own but haven't read

I made my 200 books goodreads goal for the year! It was looking really dicey for awhile there but then I was sick for a month and also really wanting to be anywhere but this Earth, so I made it through a whole stack of to-read paperback and comics and got caught up.

I, uh, did not make it through the rest of the started-but-not-finished and review copy books. I made it through some, though, and at least the total did not *increase*. Much. My currently-reading is currently at 32 books but only 17 have been on there for more than a year, so, uh. \o/
Unfortunately most of the ER books read last year still need reviewing...
I did make it through enough to nom in all the Hugo fiction categories, at least, but it was actually really hard work? I am not doing that again unless I am actually being paid to Science Fiction as a job. I have too much old stuff to catch up on to read that much current stuff, anyway.
I didn't make too much of a dent on owned-comics last year, but I didn't acquire too many more, and I've actually been getting through a lot of my floppies backlog in the last couple weeks - I started a knitting project that's pretty monotonous, so I've been counting my rows by counting out a pile of comics to match the number of rows, and then every time I finish a row, I read a comic. I am trying to figure out how to adapt this to using other to-dos to count knitting rows.

Goals for this year:
1. Read 200 books, at least half of which I already owned as of 12/2016
2. Catch up on ER and get my currently-reading consistently under 20
3. Do a full clearout and re-sort (I am actually about halfway though the re-sort, although I am out of shelf. Clearout will be harder. I realize this isn't really about reading but close enough.)
4. Finish/catch up on at least a dozen fiction series I've been behind on. (Preferably emphasizing ones where I actually own unread books in the series.)

206 books
However, I read a lot of series this year, so it's only 137 separate series.
(on the other hand a lot of those were manga 3-in-1, so if I de-3-in-1 it's up to 220 books.)

70 were comics (mostly shonen manga. I read the first half of Naruto this year.)
20 were mostly pictures (other than comics)
Only 7 kids chapter books, but one was in Spanish so that shouldn't count
56 A or Y fiction books
37 nonfiction

I did a lot more fiction and less nonfiction last year, which I think is good! It's what I've been working for. This year: more fiction, more nonfiction, less Naruto (no, who am I kidding, I'm probably going to end up reading all the post-timeskip volumes now.)

54 were owned by me
102 were from the library were I work
5 were interlibrary loan
42 were "other"
3 I haven't decided yet if I'm keeping them

Of the "Other":
5 were my sister's
12 were comics I read and then gave away
10 were read at friends' houses
and pretty much all the others were read off the library discards pile

That's actually less off my shelves than last year (although proportionally it's almost exactly the same). The library books numbers were a lot higher, but I blame Naruto for that. I also got a lot fewer ILL books, which is probably good in terms of backlog-reduction.

I read 54 books I owned and but acquired 465, oh god ohgod, I have a problem.
But a lot of those were coloring books and reference books and buying things I'd already read and stuff like that! So really I only added about 295 to the "owned and unread" list.

...I have a problem.

The total on the owned-and-unread list is now 2429, so if I read only those, at my current rate, and don't buy any more ever, I'll be done when I'm 55. (There are also 122 in my Goodreads to-read list and 292 on my library to-read list, so that's another two years there, and then I'm all caught up. TOTALLY DOABLE.)

Only 11 ebooks this year, mostly Marcus Didius Falco books from the library that I read when I was too sick to do anything else but also too sick to be alone in my own head.

And only six audiobooks, but then I didn't take any long car trips with Mom this year. (And was also really bad about doing my target practice.) I did listen to a LOT of podcasting, though.

May do an "Actually talking about the books" post tomorrow! We'll see.