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I am on the tail end of what was apparently an extremely extended case of salmonella poisoning. Fun. I had just enough cope to make it through work every day and then go home and get slept on by a cat, so I basically missed the entire month of November.

The timing of it has also given me a conditioned nausea response to mention of certain current events (altho tbf that might not be entirely the salmonella's fault) so I went mostly internet cold turkey and will probably be less around on social media for awhile yet, at least until my digestive tract and I trust each other enough to start taking risks. Right now I am just aspiring to be able to make the yuletide deadline.

I have been catching up on my fiction reading, though, so if you want proof that I'm alive I am updating Goodreads.
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Duly noted. :( Sorry you got sick...glad you are a bit better...and glad that books and kitty happened.
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I hope you get better soon.
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That sucks. Sympathies.
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Good luck, and hope you feel better soon!
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Ughhh, that sounds horrible, I'm so sorry!
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Yikes! I'm glad you're on the mend, at least. :/
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I hate pavlovian nausea. ugh.
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oh nooooo

*sending good thoughts*
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That's what used book sales are for! And I bet you'd have no trouble finding people who wanted them if you didn't want to keep them. (Not that I'd know the latter from experience ... I have trouble letting go of any books ever.)