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So, anyone want to beta Rivers of Ankh-Morpork at ~6500 words?

Mostly looking for a) canon beta for either canon, b) copyedit, c) somebody to tell me if I actually wrote the whole thing.

Also I read the Squirrel Girl And The GLA trade, and - well, if anybody else was wondering, it's not realated to the new ongoing, it's just reprints of all her pre-Ryan North appearances. Most of them are pretty good! Most of the trade is the GLA miniseries, though, and it was just. Super disappointing?

First if you're parodying something, you have to actually be *funny* rather than just *depressing*.

But also - the GLA actually has a pretty great powerset? And the book made absolutely no argument for why it wasn't a pretty great powerset? Like, they aren't really set up to take down Thanos or Galactus or even Fin Fang Foom, but they don't need to be, they have Squirrel Girl. What they do have is, like, a REALLY GOOD covert ops/infiltration team. A character who can shapeshift to play any role as long as it's a white woman (and also serve as a tank in a crisis); a character who can teleport anywhere as long as it's the next room; a character who can change size and shape and be invisible and fit through the tiniest cracks. And one who can talk to squirrels. (....Okay admittedly Mr. Immortal is pretty useless for anything other than distracting the guards.)

They could get into anywhere and retrieve any information! They would be the world's most efficient and terrifying spy team. But all the writers seem too committed to the idea that they are humorously useless powers to actually do anything interesting.

I am headcanoning that they are in fact the Marvel Universe's most terrifying and efficient spy team and all of that "sitting around playing cards" stuff is just a really good cover story.
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If you want another set of eyes, I know Rivers, and I know Discworld extremely well.