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jjhunter ([personal profile] jjhunter) wrote in [personal profile] melannen 2016-10-20 10:10 pm (UTC)

The scenario that jumps out to me is Peter getting shanghied from her initial assignment to Station security by Captain Nightengale to be a baby lieutenant instead. Maybe everyone thought (including Nightengale) that her Ship AI was slowly going mad after a terrible battle where all the rest of the crew died or retired shortly after, and Ship refused new crew and stopped talking in words to anyone. Ship's Sword body now orbits Station, mostly quiescent, and has done so for so long that most everyone refers to it as the Folly after Nightengale's House, since Captain Nightengale is all that stands in the way of Ship's body being junked and the AI permanently "retired". Most of the time Captain Nightengale lives apart in the Folly along with her servant, Molly, secretly Ship's last surviving ancillary, formerly the body of an early undercover Presger Translator.

(Anaander Mianaai knows that this Ship has a former Presger Translator as an ancillary, maybe even arranged it as an experiment, and is convinced it went wrong and that the hookup was not simply one way. She sent Ship and Ship's crew out against a non-Radchaii enemy, and when Ship limped back to Station decided to just see if time would complete what war left undone. In the meantime, Capatain Nightengale is occasionally useful as an isolated military officer who can deal with situations with aliens, ancillaries, and non-Radchaii humans on Station.)

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