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Hah. I am still in the "read it all" phase and honestly I haven't found anything on AO3 yet that I would un-recommend. If you want a name to start instead of just sorting by kudo like I did, I have loved everything by sixthlight (they also wrote the AU I'm blaming this whole mess on), and they're writing a lot in the fandom right now.

...I was going to say I don't even know how you'd do Rivers of London with ancillaries but actually I do, because they both have a moral core that's deeply concerned with the edges of personhood, and the ethics of policing, and they're into the personification of place which is all totally my bag too, of course.

So obviously Peter is Station Security for London Station, one of the first few classes of human station security after London lost its ancillaries*. One of her moms is a local provincial and the other one is Old Radchaai, just not very successful at it, which sort of puts her between worlds.

And Punch is a manifestation of Station dealing really badly with losing its ancillaries & being messed about in its accesses, with the result that it's turning citizens into half-ancillaries without their consent (or knowledge.) Lesley keeps her face but loses other things.

Sword of Thames is the local Radchaai military presence. Probably still has ancillaries but also has a set of really interesting lieutenants. Molly is an early-model Presger translator who mostly worked but was missing an essential bit of functionality for a translator so they dropped her on the station when she was little as an experiment.

Captain Nightingale wanders around armored in an intimidatingly correct high Radchaai accent and enough memorial pins to deflect a Presger bullet and Peter hasn't dared ask what Ship she was Captain to.

*Canon implies that Stations didn't ever have ancillaries but London is clearly a Station, not a Ship, so whatever. Or maybe London Station is a former Justice who was decommissioned and turned into a Station, depending on when you want to set it in Radch history and how much you want to play with London's feelings about its decline as an imperial power.

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