melannen: Commander Valentine of Alpha Squad Seven, a red-haired female Nick Fury in space, smoking contemplatively (Default)
melannen ([personal profile] melannen) wrote2007-06-19 10:03 pm


On the way home tonight (it's been a busy extended weekend, let's leave it at that) I passed a hayfield into which somebody had mowed the word ADAMA . At least, it looked like ADAMA - as it was I almost ran over a deputy sheriff, while pondering why somebody would have mowed ADAMA into their hayfield.

(there was an accident right there, it wasn't just a random sheriff. Unfortunately, I don't think the accident could have been caused by ADAMA because it was in the other lane, and I doubt the southbound people could have seen it at all.

Unless ADAMA has evil mind-control rays.)

ETA: Man, I lose my shakespeare icons and suddenly I'm talking shakespeare in every f_w post. Time to scan some covers!

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