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You have about ten more hours to sign up for the Lost Library exchange, everybody! C'mon it'll be fun!

I ended up requesting works from Steven Universe, Imperial Radch, Vorkosigan Saga, and Chronicles of Chrestomanci! (No it's not an exact match for my noms but that's okay, [personal profile] primeideal requested Les Mis so it's covered.)

If my assigned writer is reading this: Hi! I am a very non-picky recip, write anything you want on these and I'm sure they will be good! One of the things that fascinates me about these fandoms is that we know so little about them and yet individual fans can extrapolate so much from that.

Under the cuts are some stuff about what I personally have extrapolated on these and/or what I would love to see in the excerpts you're providing, but if you would rather not, just don't read, I don't really care.

Mostly I would prefer that you make it clear that you are just providing excerpts of the originals that you have uncovered? Like, this fest is for providing the originals, not for fanwork, so please remember that. [which is to say that as long as you keep up the game that these are all real, I will be happy.]

I know I am requesting a lot of things that are not prose fiction - poetry, holodramas, an album. If you want to provide the originals in the original format I would not object! But I know for some of these that can be hard to get. If you want to provide prose translations or novelizations or episode guides that would be great! Also explanatory material like liner notes or critical prefaces would be A-OK. Also of course for the novels I don't expect you to re-type an entire novel onto AO3! A few representative scenes would be great.

Imperial Radch Series - Ann Leckie

The Song of Anaanader Mianaai and Naskaaia Eskur, The one with the virtuous heroine who wins through with her loyalty and devotion you know the one, Complete Poetic Works of Basnaaid Elming

You don't have to do a verse translation of the poetry ones if you don't want to - I know the verse edition of the Naskaaia poem especially is really hard to find, but there's a prose summary you can get if you know the right people. The way Basnaaid moved from simple verse forms to more formal poetry and back to verse fascinates me, and so is the way you can trace her emotional journey regarding her sister in her poems, even when it isn't obvious.

And we all love trashy Radchaai musical soap operas right.

Um so. If you backread a bit in my journal you will learn that I am REALLY INTERESTED in Anaander Mianaai's history. You don't have to use my pet theories about her past but your are of course welcome to if you want to. And of course the Naskaaia poem is like the closest thing we actually have to an account of Anaander Mianaai as a person from that period? By which of course I mean it was ruthlessly suppressed, and unless some miracle happens like Justice of Toren reappearing from the void, we'll never have more than fragments and summaries published in other works. But I would love to read anything you can come up with. Anaander Mianaai had a friend! How does that even... work?

And of course we all know the story of the poet Basnaaid Elming - how, like many Radchaai children, she spent her adolescence planning to become a great poet, and after her famous sister's death, she at first poured her feelings into poetry until she decided to step away from that part of her life entirely and gave up poetry.

And then the later stuff - much more playful and yet just as sincere, the sequence of verses on why God is like a duck somehow made me cry - that she start writing after Breq Mianaai encouraged her to come back to poetry - is what she's best know for - the juvenilia weren't even published until later - but I like both just as much, even if the juvenilia is often immature.

And then Radchaai soap operas. So trashy! So predictably formulaic! And yet we all love the Radchaai formulas, the romances and overwrought melodrama, don't we. I don't even care if you bring me a modern one or something a thousand years old, or both, I just love the way they all display fundamental social norms - a lot of things have changed in that time but Radchaai soap operas are the same as ever.

Steven Universe (Cartoon)

The No Home Boys (book series), Space Train to the Cosmos (Album), Passions of Xanxor (book)

I love books like the Boxcar Children and the old Tom Swift and the Radio Boys, so I was super-excited to find another old series like that is out there! I also am 100% sure I trust Mr. Universe's taste in adult novels so Xanxor has *got* to be good, with or without the erotic bits. And the copy of Space Train to the Cosmos I got was missing the liner notes so if you could find a copy that would be great.

Yay Steven Universe! So good. There's so many good fandoms in Steven universe that it was so hard to narrow it down to only three to request.

But as you can probably tell I really love boys' adventure series, many of which are up on or Project Gutenberg at this point, the older and more formulaic the better. I even found a bunch of mine on long boring summer days at my grandfather's house not far from Beach City. So of course I am a sucker for the No Home Boys, even if I have a sneaking suspicion Steven may be reading the modern reboot. Where do the No Home Boys go? What strange corners of the land do they visit? What mysteries do they solve? Are they less racist than most of the other old boys' adventure series I have read? (I hope yes.)

And then Passions of Xanxor, which Steven I hope has not read yet, even though let's face it, he could do a lot worse as a starter than one of his Dad's old erotic novels from the seventies about a noble-hearted young Earth man who becomes a space minstrel only to find himself completely overwhelmed and overset by the love of a big, beautiful, dominant, green woman from space (who is deeply interested in having an Earth man as a consort, but only if he is fully consenting, of course.)

If you want to find me one of the sexy bits that would be great! But if you want to just stick to the non-sexy bits that's also okay. (There are a few non-sexy bits. I think.)

And if you offered Space Train to the Cosmos I expect you know more about it than I do! Early 90s geek rock is what I cut my teeth on as an adolescent fan. So great.

The Chronicles of Chrestomanci - Diana Wynne Jones

Millie Goes To School (book) - Diana Wynne Jones

As much as I love the old boys' series like the Motor Boys, I love the girls' series too! I inherited the Grace Harlow series from my grandmother, but I think the Millie series are my favorite of all and it'll be great to get a chance to re-read some of that. I especially liked the inevitable formulaic bits with the main character and her catty rival facing off.

OK here is where I confess that it has been a long time since I have visited Chrestomanci's world and TBH the main thing I remember about that book is how much I wanted to get my hands on the Millie series.

I've read a lot more old American girls' school stories than British ones, though I've read enough to know that the British ones are someone different (not in fundamentals, but in details, and in voice.) I suspect the Millie books are somewhere in between but I would love to see how different the real books are from what I've been wondering about all these years.

Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold

Captain Vortalon (Holovid), Lord Vorthalia the Bold (Holovid)

If the Lord Auditor and his stepson both like these, they must be good.

I fear I have nothing very detailed for you on these, sorry. I know that versions of them (especially Captain Vortalon) have appeared on AO3 before and if you'd like to use those (if the original posters are OK with it) that would be fine but there's tons of other possibilities.

I love the way these two series especially are about how the Vor look at the Vor, and how much that changed even over the course of just the generation between the two series, so if you can find bits that are particularly illustrative of that (or even a compare/contrast) that would be really cool.

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