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Yesterday, I wrote 500 words of Valjean/Montparnasse porn.

I had big plans to spend my unexpected day off yesterday catching up on wordcount and maybe actually finishing a pornfic for once, but i forgot that a) porn is hard, b) getting anything at all done on a day off is impossible.

Today, I wrote 177 words of the one where Methos bros around with Ed'rashtekaresket, because I've been reading all the YW crossovers. Including mine. And remembered that would technically count as 'working on something I felt bad about posting just the first bit of' <_< ...on the plus side at least I have written *something* on a wip almost every day so far?
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Oh man.
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This is a good problem to have. I approve of this problem.
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Wait, since I'm bad at stuff that's not explicit so to clarify the linked Methos story: Methos = another Lone Power avatar?
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LOL no, but thank you for taking the time to type that out. At least I am reassured it's not just me.