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So that Kitchen Tools meme has been going around, and also we spent today going through junk (mostly kitchen-y this time) that was donated to the church's rummage sale, so kitchen junk is kind of on my mind--

But we don't actually have much useless kitchen junk? We don't have the kitchen space to indulge. I mean yes there's the fondue pots and the sugar waffle maker, but those are aspirational because one day we are going to have a fondue party. (Also one day I will get down the sugar waffle maker and figure out how to use it, and then I will never leave the kitchen, because SUGAR WAFFLES ON DEMAND. The reason it's never been used is fear. Fear of temptation.) And there's the four ice cream freezers, but we do make homemade ice cream at least a few times a year, we just need to cannibalize parts until we get at leas two fully functional ones, because when you're making ice cream you never want just *one* gallon, and besides those are in the shed.

Okay there's also the two boxes of 1950's vintage aluminum cookware and the Rubbermaid tub of Williamsburg pottery and the boxes of Grandma's old dishes and stemware, but those are... um... antique! And decorative!

And in storage not the kitchen so they're not really part of this discussion. *ahem*

Anyway, what we really accumulate in the kitchen and never use is cookbooks. I went and sorted through them today because I wanted a recipe for sugar pie and I was tired of things falling on my head whenever I tried to find something on the kitchen bookcase.

Here's my cookery collection. Mom's is at least four times the size, plus there are six boxes of recipe cards.

We cook a new recipe maybe four times a year.

So! In an attempt to make my recipe collection useful, I would like you to give me a) a decade, b) an ingredient, and c) a part-of-meal (i.e. cakes, pastries, desserts, meats, main dishes, breads, vegetables, sides, breakfasts, preserves, soups, drinks, remedies, etc.) and I will find, and post, an interesting recipe in my collection that fits at least two of your requirements, and tell you a little about the cookbook it came from.

(and probably three, though for decades between 1890 and 1690 some fudging may be required, and for anything before 13001430 you're pretty much out of luck-- I think I do have some Egyptian, Roman and Sumerian recipes, but they're not filed with the cookbooks. And I can do 23rd century, but for that you have to specify whether you want the synthesizer codes or the manual instructions. And the recipe collection is very America-centric, so ingredients that aren't reasonably common in American cuisine may get strange results.)

This offer is open to all and does not expire.
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1930s, fish, starter
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1920, rendered duck fat, meat.

Heck, any decade using rendered duck fat. And any part of the meal. Because that stuff is beyond delicious.

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Ooh, interesting!

1940s, plums, main dishes (though I will take any part of the meal, really)
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1950's, pecans, dessert :)

I have been making sugar pecans recently and they are delicious.
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ooo, ooo, fun!! I would love to see a cookie recipe from the 1921 sunmaid raisin book. Or any similarly old-fashioned cookie recipe!
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1930s, honey, main dish. (I find creative Great Depression substitutions endlessly fascinating.)
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hmmm -

1920's; chicken (tenders or just small amounts); entree (or soup)
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This is not necessarily a request, but I am fascinated by "Repair Your Food."

I currently have .5 less loveseat because of the huge stacks of cookbooks thereupon. And I keep saying I need to weed them out, because some of them are completely useless to me ("Cooking With Jell-O" is not something I'll be doing any time soon) and some are making me itch to dive in (I scored a Vietnamese cookbook which is actually written in Vietnamese! With English translations, of course). But it all falls apart when I realize that when I want a recipe ... I use the internet every time.

I refuse to get rid of my ca. 1950s Mirro cookbook, though -- not for the recipes, which are nothing special, but for the wacky tidbits that are attached, like "Mrs. George Putnam likes to serve these teacakes to her sewing circle."
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Okay, no, just once, I get it.

1940s, heavy cream, breakfast
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Re: Shirred Eggs (1948)

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Cakes/baking, as early as you have
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1840s, potatoes, main dish

(no I haven't had the Irish Famine on my mind, not at all, why do you ask?)

Re: Minced Salt Fish (1845)

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Re: Minced Salt Fish (1845)

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1930s, asparagus, [I'm pretty flexible here, I just like asparagus]
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I am intrigued by the idea of recipes Steve Rogers might know/have eaten, so 1930s, Eggs, Breakfast.

Re: Rice Dodger (1934)

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Re: Rice Dodger (1934)

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So you aren't ruling out decades between 1300 and 1690? Well, I'll just give you a century:

Monique has asked for recipes for preserves using sugar from the 14th century.

I will ask for recipes using brocolli from the 16th century!)

(If you asked for eggplant in the 16th C I got a number of recipes for that at a class at Pennsic..)
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What a fabulous idea!

1970s, pineapple, starter or entree
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I'm having so much fun reading I don't really need to ask for a recipe.

But I'm obsessing over the Indian subcontinent at the moment, so can I bend the rules a little? 1880s, bread/breakfast, East Indian (or if you insist on an ingredient, mangoes).
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Slow cooker, 1960s, tomatoes

...I'm not sure if I want to ask for 'not too horrifying' or 'extra horrifying.'

I actually cleaned out everything - like everything - in my kitchen drawers, so everything I hadn't used in a year (except my tea strainer, which I had lost) was pretty much gone anyway.

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