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oldest fandom, newest fandom

While my sister was here, we went through and cleaned out a lot more of the Star Wars junk, so all that's left now fits on and around one bookshelf. (The junk we cleaned out is now sitting on the back porch, while we figure out what to do with it. I was in favor of just emailing the Star Toys museum about another mass donation, but sister wanted to see if anything was worth trying to sell, and meanwhile I'm trying to decide if I can bear to open all the mint-in-box action figures so I can play with them (and store them better), or just donate/sell them as mint in box, and also trying to convince our cousins to take it all. uh anybody want any Star Wars junk?)

My sister gave me a list of the books we have that I haven't read that I should, starting with Jedi Apprentice, so I started with those.

You guys. Jedi Apprentice. I know that I've previously been told, when asked why Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan blew up into a giant fandom, that the reason was Jedi Apprentice, but somehow I was still assuming that most of it came from the fandom. NOT SO MUCH.

Book 1 is all about how Obi-Wan desperately needs a Master, and Qui-Gon feels an instant connection to him, as if their destinies are linked, but his heart is still broken because his last padawan went dark, and he will never love take a padawan again. Book 2 is about how they are so destined to each other that they managed to forge an accidental mind-link that can reach across a planetary diameter, and how Qui-Gon's old padawan wants to break them up by telling Obi-Wan that Qui-Gon will never really love him.

We didn't have book 3, but book 4 is about -- well, actually book 4 is about how income inequality leads to societal collapse and coporate interference in elections is the enemy of good government. But other than *that*, it's about how it doesn't matter that, as Jedi, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan don't have families, because they have each other. We don't have 5 either, but 6 and 7 appear to be about their first big fight...

What I am saying is that these books are very silly, and I can't find any Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan on the AO3 that is quite as gay as them.


I also had some crochet I needed to get done, so I decided to start watching Community. It is you guys's fault. Yes, you. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, Community people.

I am watching in silly mixed-up order, starting with the five legal free online streaming episodes (all from later in S3) and then at the beginning of S2. (since I have already read ALL THE FIC - and wow, Community people, that didn't take long, get on the ball there - and been to the con-txt panels, and been subjected to many people discussing it - I had already been spoiled, so that seemed like a good order to go in.) I'm about a third of the way through S2 now. Here are my comments:

1. JSYK, if somebody had told me that John Oliver had a brilliant recurring guest role on this show, I probably would have started watching two years ago. :P

2. Uh. So, in the latest installment of Melannen-is-bad-with-the-visuals, apparently when I was reading All The Fic, I had Shirley and Britta's physical appearances mixed up. Considering my main initial exposure to Community was sorting art cards by character name for Interrobang Studios, you'd think that wouldn't've happened, but no.

3. Everybody gave me the impression that Jeff was a fairly boring handsome white guy sitcom lead and I didn't need to pay attention to him! Okay. That is not true. Jeff is pretty damn amazing okay. Con-txt panels implied that he's annoying in S1 and improves with time, so starting with S2 may be a factor in this. Probably so is the fact that I was primed for the general character type by Alan Shore and Harvey Specter (and Terezi Pyrope of course) (and seriously somebody still needs to write me a fic where Mike gets kicked out of Pierson Hardman so Harvey sends him to his old friend Alan's new firm, which is the only place wacky enough to take him. Because reasons.)

4. I am not getting embarrassment squicked by this show! Mostly I think because it's so self-aware, and so are the characters, but also because it is (generally) kind. I was watching the one where Abed is Jesus, and going "I should be too squicked to watch! Why am I not squicked?" and I realized it was because I trusted that the show wasn't setting this up just so we could watch Abed be humiliated, that they were going for something else, something kinder and smarter. And I was right! It was some sort of miracle.

...I do still generally have to not watch when Chang is around, though. They haven't been kind to Chang.

(There is nothing in the above about Troy and Abed and the general geek-friendliness and Annie and Britta and Pierce and Shirley and the Dean and postomdern magical realism and the episodes themselves and etc. because the fandom did prepare me adequately for how awesome all of that is. Yay!)


Oh, so the last part of the Avengers-are-geeks fic went up on AO3 a few days ago, and so did that not!fic I posted on here a few months back, The One Where Tony Stark And Princess Leia Hook Up, since I was writing about Avengers and Star Wars anyway.

My writing has been going interesting places this year! I signed up for [community profile] inkingitout with a wordcount total for the year, and it's the last half of July and I'm actually ahead by a comfortable margin!

The main thing I am learning about my writing is that writing hard things is hard, and writing silly crossovers is easy. So while I have a bunch of Hard Things that I am still pounding away at (including the Avengers fics I was talking about at con-txt, and some Homestuck things, and the next bit of the October megacrossover, and a couple of DF WIPs, yes, before you ask), it makes it easier if I am working on something silly at the same time, to turn to when all writing seems a pit of despair and failure.

Unfortunately once I let myself decide that I immediately got overrun with silly crossovers, so I need you guys to help me out.

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 29

Which crossover that I have started in the last couple weeks should I focus on finishing next?

View Answers

The sequel to the Tony/Leia one, in which Jedi Knight Steve Rogers served with Tony's father in the Clone Wars
14 (48.3%)

The one that follows the careers of the first twelve Alternian initiates to the Jedi Temple
2 (6.9%)

The one where John, Jade, Rose and Dave move in next door to Abed, Troy, Annie and Britta, and discover that Abed and Troy broke the new universe by somehow reaching God Tier without playing sburb
3 (10.3%)

The Vorkosiverse/Study In Emerald one that's Lannamichaels' fault where all Barrayaran Vor are hybrids of humans and Lovecraftian tentacle gods
10 (34.5%)

...okay, I'll be honest, regardless of the poll, it's probably going to be the Avengers/Star Wars one, if only because it only needs about five hundred more words of snappy dialogue for a complete first draft. Unfortunately, despite being a silly crossover, I am filled with angst about what to do with it then.

a) Because it really wants to be Part One of [yet another] epic, in which Tony and Steve go to occupied Coruscant, find a bunch of other AU-ified Avengers, and then go searching for the slightly-off-model clone of Master Windu that the Emperor grew (in one of his stupider decisions). Unfortunately, not only would it be epic, I would also have to re-read or re-read (let's be conservative) about a dozen of the EU books to get the necessary background, and that's not counting if they head off into the Unknown Regions after Thor.

I have long reconciled myself to posting a sort-of-stand-alone Chapter One as a complete fic, because otherwise I would never post anything, but I have not quite lost my sense of shame about it.

b) Because the part I have written is a story about Steve and Tony. It's almost definitely a Steve & Tony story. If I rewrite it for a clearer emotional arc, it could probably even be a Steve⋄Tony story, or something close. And they flirt a lot, and Tony is blatantly jealous of the fact that Coulson seems to get along with Steve more easily, but there is no kissing or declarations of love or sex, nor do I plan for there to be.

I could just call it Steve & Tony, but I like it when people read my stories, and I know that anything tagged Steve/Tony on the Archive gets about ten times the traffic. (I tested it empirically once.)

And I really doubt anybody's going to complain that a story that's about Steve and Tony's relationship and has UST is tagged with the pairing tag, but it seems like I do that kind of iffy 'ship tagging a lot (my spreadsheet of stories-worked-on-this-year currently has 4 labeled gen, 1 labeled slash or het, and 12 labeled ambiguous/other.) And besides, I feel like I'm letting down the side when I do that.

What I really want, I guess, is for there to be a generally accepted way to label a story "This story has no explicit romantic or sexual content, but fans of x pairing would probably like what their pairing do in it." The options with current terminology seem to be label it pairing + gen (which is used to mean a bunch of different things, from "this is a romance story with no sex" to "this is a casefile story where they happen to have sex a lot); to label it pairing + preslash or pairing + UST (both of which are okay? But there are good reasons that some people dislike the preslash label - as useful as I find it - and UST is a term I've never liked as a fic label for a variety of reasons); or use the & pairing (which means people surfing the pairing tag won't find it.)

AO3 currently seems to have come down on the side of "even if it only has a tiny bit of slashy content it counts as a pairing fic" because tags like "A/B if you squint" get combined with the main pairing tag, so I guess I could just go with one of those, but they always seemed kind of twee...

Augh. And of course the temptation is to just figure out a way to shoehorn in some kissing so you don't have to worry about it.

(While I was working on this [personal profile] lettered wrote a much more coherent post on the topic of pairing tags, which covers the same ground, you should go read that instead.)

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