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melannen ([personal profile] melannen) wrote2006-01-13 08:58 pm


Draw Batgirl Day!

So I drew Batgirl.

(Yeah, yeah. It was Artpad with a laptop mouse while watching SG1. Give me a break.)

I had a horrible subbing day today, and I learned to always go to your lunch duty, otherwise the office will find you and make you work during your planning period. On the other hand, I have decided that from now on, when the kids refuse to stop asking how old I am, I will reply "I was born four hundred years ago in the Highlands of Scotland. I am immortal ... and I am not alone." It doesn't shut them up but it at least changes the subject. I also frightened them by saying that I like the kind of music that was popular in the olden days when *I* was in middle school - you know, like Eminem and Greenday. q-: And there's always one pair of kids who spend the whole period sniping at each other, and I have to translate from "Wow, the UST is so thick you could cut it with a knife" to "You guys should really start going out. It's obvious you're crushing on each other." (Saying that *always* ends the sniping for the rest of the period, very restful, and it has the added virtue of being true.)

ETA: OMG, Colonel Sheppard is trapped in Waka-Waka! I expect them to offer him fleegix any minute now. ETA2: Stop me from writing more crack Pinkwater crossovers, kthnx. ETA3: You just *know* that Rodney is acquainted with Rolzup, somehow or another. ETA4: TOTALLY Waka-waka. OMGWTFBBQ. ETA5: They even defeated the beast the same way. They totally stole the plot of this entire episode from "Alan Mendelssohn: the Boy From Mars"! Except without the Zitkiz berries and economic theory.

Waka-Wakian Fleegix mug, complete with Zigismunda formosa. Hey, I have to do *something* to keep me awake through BSG.

Dr. McKay being molested by Invisible!Replicator!Sam, aka Sixth. (I did say I needed something to keep me awake during BSG...)

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