Nov. 7th, 2016

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interrobang studios
November 7th, 2016 09:36 am
1. The worst that can happen is global thermonuclear war, and global thermonuclear war is the fastest way I know of to reverse global warming, so it's a win-win situation really. repeat as necessary.

(also I will be dead and not have to worry about it anyway, and that map is a fascinating toy.)

2. I am apparently doing NaNo (w/ the asteroid story and various wips), or rather NONONONO as I have named the scrivener file, because some part of me *does* know better. Anyway I have set a private goal of 1000 words a day and am already well behind, but if someone wants to add me as a buddy, I'm on the website.

3. I have read all of the One-Punch Man manga in the last week. I had been reading Dragon Ball for mindless escapism but that gets so high-energy it is tiring, One-Punch Man is the same "punch the bad guys" payoff while being the opposite of high-energy. (If you don't know OPM, it's a currently running manga/anime/previously webcomic set in a shounen-rules world where superheroes kill giant monsters. You know how in superhero fanfic, you get the bad guys that are totally just NPCs nobody is expected to care about, there to give the heroes something to do in between working out their personal issues and intra-hero politics? That's One Punch Man canon.

The MC is a guy named Saitama whose superpower is basically the middle of the Hyperbole and a Half depression comic, he is so out of fucks to give that he is literally invincible. Only this world runs on shonen rules, so he is LITERALLY invincible and the Strongest Hero In The World. (Also even stripped down to his basic Trying to Cope mode, he is a really good person, so there's that too.)

(I kind of want to write a fanfic where somebody gets him on antidepressants finally and he gets to the end of that comic and eventually realizes that maybe everything isn't completely bullshit, but I am probably not the right person to write it.)

Anyway, yeah, A++ low energy escapism, just wish there was longfic that wasn't shippy now that I'm done with manga canon. (debating attempting to find the anime.)

4. So speaking of, I am looking for something that will do with my comic collection what LibraryThing does with my books. To wit: an easy way to get a searchable/sortable list on my smartphone of what I have and what I am actively looking for.

I looked at apps in the Play store, but the two that looked useful enough to try required adding comics by looking them up in a database, with no way to manually enter stuff the database couldn't find, and if I can't enter my collection of Tandy Computer promotional comics from the early eighties, it is useless to me. (Not to mention the fancomics from the Con.txt swap table and the ones I got for being a paid Keenspot charter member.) The ones I tried couldn't even find Axe Cop.

What I would really like is: I put in a title, it lets me go through a list of comics with that title and click the ones I have and the ones I don't have and am looking for, and lets me manually enter if they aren't in the database, and then lets me look at those lists even if I am not connected to the internet. Preferably it would also let me enter my trades and compare what's in the trade to what's in floppies.

I can do it with a spreadsheet and spreadsheet app if I have to, but it seems like this is a problem somebody should have solved already. Anybody have recs?

5. So jealous of the people who have read The Hanging Tree already. (I will get that fic out to beta! Someday! Eventually!)

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