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interrobang studios
May 12th, 2009 01:48 am
Hi! I am still way behind on internets stuff (I have something like twenty fic tabs up, and yes, [personal profile] damned_colonial, I'll do those AoS posts eventually), but I did at least catch up on comments to my own posts, and related things.

It's been ages since I had a post with collapsed comments; I forget how much sheer *time* it takes to stay abreast, not to mention social energy. And I now have more people watching this account than I had watching my LJ at any point over the five years I had it. So - hi? I have no idea how people with hundreds of circle people do it.

I also read a bunch of the other 13th Child posts, and all the ST responses I had open, commented on a bunch of them, and then rapidly lost track of which ones I needed to reply back to. Oops.

But! The poll has spoken! [community profile] starry_sea exists! If you want to get in on me trickling out fair copies of all the pirate TOS e-books I torrented, you should join. Also you should join if you want to talk about ST:TOS, the Star Trek books, why the new movie missed the point but was fun anyway, and the other sorts of ST things I tend to maunder on about. Also if you would like to come on as a co-mod, please speak up; I tend to be very laid-back about modding and co-modding. I will hopefully have an intro post up by tomorrow, and some book re-read stuff shortly thereafter.

Also, one thing I kept seeing in the movie reaction posts was people who liked the movie but had no inspiration to write fic about it. I had the opposite reaction: I never had much inspiration to fic for the original continuity (well, except in Rihannsuverse), partly because there was so much already there. But the movie hit that balance for me of "this is fun and full of interesting bits, but it's actually really terrible" that makes me want to fic it.

So here, for sharing, are the stories I now want to write about ST:Reboot. Please write them (or link me to them), so I don't have to:
Six stories, and shockingly, only one is about McCoy. )

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May 11th, 2009 12:29 am - Mother's Day!
Hello to new subscribers! And everybody else! I will getting to all the online stuff I need to be doing soon, I swear. I've been offline all weekend, more than I was planning to be, and I am *so* behind.

By which I mean, [personal profile] stellar_dust and I went to see the new Star Trek movie with Mom yesterday!

From here on in, there may be spoilers in cuts and comments on this entry. !! I haven't been reading anyone elses' reaction posts, but if you posted it in the last two days, chances are I have it open it a tab to read as soon as this goes up.

To start with, I liked the movie. It was a good movie! It was fun! It was laugh-out-loud funny in many places! The characters were great, the characterization was great, the actors all did either a great job mimicking the originals or a better job than the originals. It was deeply geeky and full of glee and was clearly made by somebody who loved Star Trek and thinks Kirk and Spock are doing it.

And now I am going to be one of the people in that Onion video and list all the things that were wrong with it. )

Also, Spock is still totally a mind-slut.

ANYWAY. It was a fun movie. If you have any interest in Star Trek, or SF action flicks, or both, it's probably worth seeing. It has a lot more Leonard Nimoy in it than I was expecting, and plenty of old!Trek outtakes, and a lot of fun non-ST-specific sci-fi summer movie stuff. They considerately made it officially AU, so I don't have to be angry about the way it ruined canon. And it has rekindled my love of the real Star Trek.

... by which I mean the fanfic and the early Bantam and Pocket Books novels. If you know them at all, you may have noticed up in the cut there that I kind of live in the world of the books (and the animated series). C'thia! Rihannsu! Klingon Chess! Captain April's cardigans! The clone of Captain Kirk who the female Romulan Commander won in a duel and dragged off to dress up as her frilly delicate boytoy! That one where they all turn into mermaids! That one where they all get genderswapped and girl!Kirk is totally about two seconds from sleeping with Captain Kang before Spock interrupts! The fact that T'hy'la totally means 'soulbond', no, Jim, I don't care how many footnotes you write denying it.

You know what I'm talkin' about.

Anyway, now I'm working on putting together a packet of e-books that people who like the new movie should read. You know, 'Star Trek the Gay High School AU: the Original Version'. Here's my preliminary list, any suggestions to add? )

Am tempted to make a Dreamwidth community [community profile] starry_sea, specifically for the sort of Star Trek fans who know what "Starry Sea" is a quotation from. To which I could upload e-books and host discussions about things like the Ruling Queen and T'hy'la and Spockanalia and David Gerrold and stuff.
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Spockanalia had ticky boxes.
2 (15.4%)

(Wow, there's like twelve new DW communites with "Star Trek" in their interests since Thursday.)

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January 1st, 2004 10:21 pm - ramble
Oh, right-- [livejournal.com profile] yuletide authors were revealed.

I wrote the Christmas Carol one-- The One Thing More Ridiculous-- for [livejournal.com profile] franzeska. It seems to have been well-loved. In fact I think I've gotten more feedback and recs for it than any other single piece of writing ever, which has been giving me much-needed warm fuzzies for the past week. So, formula for sucessful short fic: Write anonymous g-rated slash about ugly cranky old guys, one of whom is canonically dead, for a fandom which doesn't exist; sprinkle the fic and especially the summary liberally with typos, and have people visualize the principles as Goofy and McDuck. Don't reply to feedback.

I was given a nummy, basically un-shippy Good Omens fic, The Best Christmas Ever, with much Whore of Babylonishness, by [livejournal.com profile] fox1013 which I wish to thank her for again, now that I know who she is. (The requested pairing, btw, was Shadwell/Tracy. bwahah.)

Lots of other good stuff; go look up your fandoms or semi-fandoms. Almost tempted to break with tradition and actually post recs, but really, there's not that many, and they're all good, and b'sides, it's too late. I scanned down the new year's list. I don't see offhand anything I could write, but y'never know. And I want want want to see someone do the Methos/Aziraphale which was requested. WANT.

I'm being a combination bemused/disquieted over the debate that's going on about the Sherlock Holmes submission The Shocking Affair of the Dutch Steamship Friesland, not the least because it was written by my recipient. It's a question of racism and racial perceptions; the sticky question of whether stereotyping is justified if you're writing in a milieu and POV that is authentically prejudiced. I bring this up particularly because someone wondered "whether I'd be quite so complacent if it had been, say, an evil money-grubbing Jewish villain at the heart of the story instead." (of a Balinese terrorist) And, um, yeah. I did that in my story. Well, sorta, I don't as a rule do 'evil' characters or villains, but I didn't even think about the problems of the 'Jewish userer' stereotype until after I'd posted the story. That's what I get for posting at two in the morning. And I'd like to think the reason it didn't occur to me is that it didn't even cross my mind-- I had other, plottish reasons for turning the character Jewish-- but I'm fairly sure it did affect my decision, and the literary stereotype is just so internalized for me that I simply saw it is an opportunity to play with cliche and missed the PC-ness aspects entirely.

I mean, I merely find it hilarious when people play off the Keillorish Lutheran stereotypes, and revel in being descended from chicken farmers in the Outhouse of Maryland, and not only enjoy but write wifey heroines, but I realize that really is different in kind. And certainly I don't apply that stereotype to real people, any more than I have any clue what lutefisk is. But to shy away from those issues in literature is weasel writing of the worst sort. Gah. Curse my liberal upbringing. Take this as my wimpy apology to anyone who might possibly have been (although hopefully wasn't) offended.

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