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interrobang studios
January 12th, 2015 07:57 pm
So it's been a WEIRD week. First we closed my workplace for most of a week because the heat was broken (the head had been broken. the heat will be broken. but they finally decided that we couldn't keep going with the terrible space heaters in a building that size. So they closed us for four days while they... sourced some better space heaters rather than fixing the boiler, apparently.)

Anyway, that meant I had an unexpected day off and then spent several days working in a completely different building with a different group of staff than usual, and then spent today back in the regular building doing five days' worth of accumulated stuff. So that was fun.

Then on my unexpected day off I decided to finally wipe & reinstall Windows on this laptop. It was doing a thing where whenever certain programs tried to open the save as/open file dialog, it crashed the program, and the best we could tell was that there was something screwy somewhere in Windows. LET ME TELL YOU how fun it is to attempt digital art when you can't Save As without crashing the program. Anyway it had been doing the thing on and off and then it started doing the thing every time, so I finally go annoyed enough to fix it. Theoretically I probably could have tracked down the specific file with the error but I figured just reinstalling from the restore partition would be simpler, since it had gotten pretty crufty anyway.

BOY WAS I WRONG. I spent Wednesday afternoon to Friday evening just running Windows Update and then restarting over and over again. And then I tried to reinstall all my programs. Here is the list of programs I consider essential: The ones that have stars are ones that required some kind of substantial messing around before they would consent to working properly:

List of essential programs, all but one freeware )

So all in all could have been even more frustrating but I am glad to be DONE. (And we are setting restore points this time, yes precious.) Hopefully I can get back to more normal sort of computer use now that that's done, and finish up the DW posts I'm obligated to while I'm at it. I'd still like to organize my own files better but like that'll ever be finished, and I'd like to set up torrenting again but it's been so long I bet everything's changed, so I moved that to a secondary list.

Or, you know, they will have to close work again and we'll have another snowstorm and I'll spend three days curled up in blankets. I'd be okay with that too.

(I'm still ticking stuff off my massive to-do list from three weeks ago. Maybe I will actually finish it someday...)

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September 8th, 2010 09:01 pm - Some admin-y things
Having finally imported my LJ into my DW, I have set about the task of trying to organize my tags into something ... usable.

This is best described as hellish, although the improvements made to DW's tag management system are making it, at least, bearable (in that the headaches are caused by the nature of tagging itself, rather than the implementation of it.)

I am also learning interesting things about myself in the process. For example, I had a separate 'science' tag and 'science!' tag, because I think we can all agree that "SCIENCE!" has a different meaning than science. However, when I actually looked at my tag uses, I realized that having two separate tags was redundant. Because it's all SCIENCE! :P

Also, things that I have decided, on balance, require fandom: tags of their own include sodapop, sports, springtime, and squid.

In other news, I am giving in and getting myself an Etsy account. If I have to. I guess. Anybody want to be my referrer? (Does being a referrer get you anything?)

(Also, linkedin is creepy. jsyk.)

I spent most of yesterday and the night before, with some very welcome help, attempting to fix all the computer hardware. As result, instead of using a power cord with a socket made of electrical tape that burnt through every three days and stopped working if you looked at it wrong, I now have a power cord that causes my computer to completely shut down without warning if you look at it wrong. I'm not sure which is preferable really, though I suppose the new way is less of a fire hazard.

(Other things that did not actually get fixed: my newest mp3 player (which seems to have firmware issues, and no way to actually alter or access the firmware); my external media drive (which I was able to confirm does still have the data on, but still cannot get to function as a drive, and have nothing to copy the data onto); my sound system (which used to sound tinny in the speakers but fine with headphones, and now sounds tinny with headphones too.)

On the upside, my monitor is no longer floating around loose in the case with scary rattly noises, and my CD/DVD-RW drive works again! And that means I can run a linux liveCD! And oh, linux, how I miss you! And oh, linux, how I do not miss trying to find the necessary drivers to make my peripherals work!

I think the next large-ticket item I am buying is a brand-new terabyte external drive. Perhaps with my election judge money. Any recommendations?

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November 6th, 2005 01:38 pm - I am a leaf on the wind.
The trees have all turned over the past week. We have four maples in our yard, and it's so *pretty* that I have no motivation to rake the leaves yet, so the whole yard is the approximate colors of this icon. I have this image in my head of Arisia and Hal Jordan under a green pavilion, the roof covered with red and orange and purple maple leaves, the yellow ones drifting through and around them like sakura petals in anime ... alas that my art skills could not do it justice.


I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide t'other day; wish me luck. I'm just waiting anxiously for my assignment. Cryptic doublespeak and random enthusiasm and terrified burbling: Yuletide is like a chance to suddenly get more of all the books I loved as a kid, without having to write it myself; whlie at the same time I get to write the same thing for somebody else, only in fandoms that aren't so dear to me that I can't write them. Whee! Only now, I'm afraid that I volunteered for a few that I won't be qualified to write, o alas! Everybody is posting their proclamations about what you *must* be willing to do ion orer to volunteer for a fandom. Me? While I'd be overjoyed if somebody wrote a perfect story tailored to my tastes, personal history, and corpus of work, these are fandoms that are mostly virgin territory for fic, and I'm satisfied with anything that mostly fulfills the request and is well-written. If I get actual Lucky Starr fic or Riddle-master fic? I'm happy, man.


I found it interesting that when we went to see Serenity, all of the previews, and the movie, were about a scrappy band of rebels trying to overthrow a supposedly beneficial tyrrany which maintains power through lies and propaganda. Well, all of them except Narnia, and I don't actually remember how the White Witch kept power, althought the revolution theme is the same. It's an interesting trend, after a stretch where most of the big SF epics were about either maintaining the status quo or fighting off an outside evil.


We've just got home from a visit to my aunt and uncle's to play with my little cousins, the Duchess and the Kangaroo . If I'd stayed home, I would have gone outside to play in the leaves, so instead I went out in my uncle's yard with the Duchess. We played with leaves and jumped and looked at trees and pulled apart acorns (I have been noticing acorns a lot more this year. The road behind the train station is covered with bright orange scars from acorns being crushed; it looks like pumpkin meat. I tempted to try acorn flour someday) and picked up an entire skirtful of pinecones, which Grandma put in a plastic bag to take home. We also looked at a big Marbled Orb Weaver. The Duchess had an eww response but when I refused to act scared she came up and looked at him a little. She wouldn't sing Eensy Weensy spider with us, though. Or I'm a Little Teapot. And I got to meet the Kangaroo for the first time! )

Speaking of that, I need to stop being a coward and accept one of the many special-ed sub calls I get every night. But I just want to get in a few standard jobs first. I have another one at a high school tomorrow, which means getting up at o-dark-hundred again. I should post a subbing update tomorrow afternoon, if I survive.

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November 1st, 2005 10:19 pm - Consideration for the other side of the aisle.
There are many things I have predicted would happen in DC. I honestly never expected the Senate could move me to *tears*. It's beginning to look like the backlash is finally coming. My stars and garters, the Congressional Democrats seem to be actually growing a spine!

In other news, after interminable evil bureaucracy, I finally got registered with the substitute teaching system. In the two hours between me registering and the end of the calling time for tonight, I got four seperate job calls. And that's not counting the long tmie while Mom was on the phone with Pop-pop. I finally accepted one, for Thursday - we'll see how that goes. (You all said you wanted to hear about it!) However, the internet system is not working for me, which is tres annoying.

I haven't written anything for NaNo, but by Rao, I've thought about it a lot!

I will post about my Halloween adventures once somebody gets pictures online...

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