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February 4th, 2015 06:10 pm - books
I thought I was doing so good on my "finish all the books you've started and then gotten distracted from" goal - I finished twenty-eight books in the month of January! Eleven of them were even ones that were on my list of things I needed to finish! And I made serious progress on several more! And I haven't started any new books that were left lingering for weeks! I got the list below 30 and have kept it there!

But then Librarything (finally!) instituted tag autocomplete, so I started trying to clean up the tags on my books, and discovered I had a "started to read" tag with. uh. Sixty-five books in it. Granted, some of them are ones I am NEVER going to finish because I have better things to do with my time, because literally anything would be better (DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS, most awful book I have ever attempted to read, omg) and ten of them are duplicates from the list I'm currently working through, but. um. yeah.

And then there's the "early review" books which I got in exchange for agreeing to read and review and then punted when I had a really bad year. There's six of them I haven't read. I went ahead and added those. So much for keeping the list under thirty. I have another one coming too because I lack willpower. (One of 'em's by the same dude as Day of the Triffids though. I may just ignore that one.)

...also of course "A Companion to Wolves" which I still have out from the library.

Anyway this whole LibraryThing recheck has me thinking out how badly I need to reshelve my books in a more orderly way. What do you folks thing of reorganizing my nonfiction collection along these main sections:

Read more... )

Good idea? Bad idea? Best idea? (It's not quite as silly as it sounds: about half my nonfiction is on topics that would not be out of place in the Hogwarts library: I have about forty books tagged "divination" already.)

--Anyway I feel like my DW has been higher on boring life stuff than fandom content lately. My fandom life lately has been a) les mis chat, which is very rarely about les mis anymore; b) re-reading old JVJ longfic; and c) obsessing over a Winter Soldier AU where the Soldier is sent to honeytrap Captain America rather than kill him. SERIOUSLY. If that already exists I have failed to find it. Somebody tell me I just haven't looked hard enough. I don't even ship the damn pairing

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January 3rd, 2015 01:07 pm - Goals 2015
So I have closed down my booktracking for 2014. Once I added in my Yuletide canon at the last minute (which I will definitely post about sooner or later), I had 181 books read for the year, and total of 200 books in my Goodreads account. (I probably missed one or two ebooks or picture books in there, especially before I started with Goodreads, but it's pretty close.) You can see the whole horrifying list on my librarything account.

181 sounds like a lot, but bear in mind that 67 of them were comics, and another 30 were picture books or easy readers, not to mention all the glossy artbooks, piano books, pamphlety things, and field guides. In fact if you add up just proper books with more words than pictures, it's more like 70.

(Although even with the picture books and comics I'm averaging about 170 pages per book which isn't too shabby.)

To nobody's surprise once I'd put it in a spreadsheet to get that info I did a bunch more stats. :P A Bunch More Stats )

My first reading goal for 2014 is to finish all 26 of the books currently in my current-reading. ^_^ And then keep the current-reading below 20 for the rest of the year.

Other reading goals:
1. Hit my 200-total-books-read challenge on Goodreads
2. Of which at least 100 are books I owned before 2015
3. And at least 24 are novels (or book-length story collections)
4. Not included in 200 total: read one current short story magazine every month, and read through my longbox of floppies
5. Review at least half of them
6. Own fewer unread books at end of year than beginning (current tally: 1997. 245 of them added in the past twelve months. *sigh*)

That should be totally doable, right? *gnaws fingernail*

As for the rest of my goals for the year.. )

Several of those require sustained amounts of adulting, which is gonna be hard, so I guess we'll see what happens!

Current Mood:: [mood icon] accomplished

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December 5th, 2014 02:43 pm - provisionally discarded material objects
Okay so there's this bag. Every time I tidy, there's always some STUFF left over that I don't know what to do with, and by that point I have decision fatigue, so I just put the remaining STUFF in the bag. Like a sourdough starter, it lingers, growing and shrinking but never quite empty.

Today I am going to empty the bag of STUFF, one way or another. And y'all lucky people are going to watch me liveblog it. :P

first hundred items from the bag of STUFF )

OK that just hit a hundred items, time to figure out what to do with those before I tackle more.

4:16: stuff that has a place where it goes is there; trash is in trashcan, toys are in toybox, things that are the missing bits of other things are in empty cookie tin, crafting-related-stuff is in drawstring bag, personal-care-related stuff is in strawberry bag, pile of stuff to donate on is in pile. which leaves me 16 things to make actual decisions on.

I think I will pull 84 more things out of bag first.

next 84 things out of Bag of Stuff )

...and at 5:24 that brings me back up to 100 objects that need dealt with, so I think there is going to be another round of putting away followed by dinner.

7:19 OK! Dinner eaten, 95k fanfic finished, previous batch of stuff put away (we are now up to 21 items in the "deal with later" pile, and the definitions of "crafts" for the crafting bag is.. drifting). Time to carry on! Yes! I can do this!

more things from Bag of Stuff, up to 250! )

an it's 8:30 at we're at 250 objects and the end is in sight! Time for another actually-put-stuff-away break.

...I think I may have to call it a night, because I am running out of both Can and Givadamn and I have to work tomorrow. :/ All that's left fits in one small shoebox? Not counting the Bag of Personal Care Stuff and the Bag of Crafting Stuff and the Tin of Missing Pieces and the thirty-three items in the 'O God I don't Know' pile but. it's a start? I feel like it's a start. I can finish tomorrow evening. yes. tomorrow. it's only a day away.

DAY 2:
More stuff, liveblogging as we go! )

...and that's half of what's left, time for another putting-away break. (All the tiny stuff sinks to the bottom, so we are getting progressively smaller and less exciting as we go.)


And that is IT! All the THINGS that were in the bag of STUFF. Now I just need to do something with the rest of them....

ALL of the stuff from the bag of stuff is now either:
1. thrown away
2. put away
3. in the bag of stuff to donate
4. in the bag of stuff that goes in the crafting room somewhere
5. in the bag of stuff that goes in the bathroom somewhere
6. in the Box of Missing Pieces
7. in the... new... improved... but at least much smaller? bag of Stuff.

...I will deal with the remaining three bags tomorrow. (But I will not be liveblogging! Sorry.)

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November 29th, 2014 03:08 pm - comics
I have spent most of my holiday so far cleaning, first to prep for guests, and then to avoid working on yuletied. The most recent step was going through and re-organizing my longboxes of comics.

So here are the comics I am collecting in floppies:
(and by "collecting" I mean "I will take 'em if I can get them for less than $.50 a book"):

The Tandy Computer Whiz Kids
***(and any other giveaway 'educational' or promotional comics in general)
The Dynamite Barsoom comics
***(and any other adaptations of golden-age SFF novels or similar 'wow, there was a comic adaptation of *that*?' miniseries)
Any paper editions of 20th century webcomics
Top Cat
The Three Mouseketeers (the DC Silver Age run)

Honestly I thought that list would be longer but I think that's basically it? I don't know if I'm doing comics REALLY WRONG or REALLY RIGHT. But I have managed to pare it down to one longbox of comics I want to keep, which is mostly the above plus older comics I had as a kid, and then half a shortbox of comics I want to read but not necessarily collect. (The main criterion for ending up in the shortbox is "Is there a woman or girl on the cover? Is she wearing clothes that make sense? Is her skin colored some realistic shade other than white?" Not out of any political stand so much as that experience has taught me that's the quickest way to weed out the total crap. Or if it has a dude being menaced by tentacles on the cover. Sometimes my needs are simple.)

(...we're not talking about the trades, tankobon, graphic novels, and daily strip collections. They are their own PROBLEM.)

(Most of the ones in the shortbox are recent non-superhero comics that I got from a friend with connections in the industry. They are a very, very random lot. Maybe I will actually get around to


September 16th, 2014 10:18 pm - Let's talk about books!
I made my "read 100 books in a year" challenge last week! I've been tracking it on Goodreads, because I'm finding it a lot easier to track reading separately from tracking ownership, but I imported the first hundred to LibraryThing because LibraryThing is still just a much more powerful database, so you can see them all under my Read 2014 tag. I've been reviewing them on Goodreads as I go, when I can, but if you would like me to blather at you in comments about any of the books on that list, here is your chance. :P

I've also been keeping an actual to-read list for the first time ever. I only started it a couple weeks ago, and it only includes media that are available at the library where I work, and it hit 100 items today. (Don't ever work at a library if you want to keep your to-read lists under control.) It's under the cut. If you would like to blather at me in a comment about any of these, here is your chance! (But don't count on me getting around to reading them anytime soon. This just the "check out from library" list. It doesn't include the 50-book-high to-read pile at home, or the 21 books in the 'currently reading' list, or the shelf of withdrawn books I want to read before I sell them on, or----) It also only includes things I've never read/watched/listened to before, and it has a lot of cases where one item is a stand-in for a whole series....

100 to-read, to-listen, or to-watch items )

...you get bonus points if you can guess which fandom/writing project inspired any of the nonfiction ones. <_<

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April 27th, 2012 05:38 pm - 100 Things (or so)
I spent the afternoon working on cleaning out the attic (this is an ongoing process subject to weather conditions, but the section I did today really needed it). Our attic is very small - it's over the whole house, but the area between the downstairs ceiling and the current roof (which was added post-purchase by Dad) is pretty low, about 4' at the highest and rapidly sloping down to both edges, so you have to crawl. Also the floor is slanted because it's the original roof, and the sharp ends of nails from the roofing poke out of the ceiling every six inches or so.

In short, it's the most fun place in the house!

I did maybe 1/8 of the whole attic today, and was inspired to do an inventory while I was at it. So for pure anthropological interest, here is the current contents of Mom's attic forward section, trapdoor side )

I say "anthropological interest" because home inventories are some of the most fascinating documents I ever got to look at while doing research.1 And in general I find the stuff we surround ourselves with, and the emotional capital we invest in it, fascinating! There's a reason I have a hoard-brooding tag on my journal.

I actually thought about doing the "100 Things" meme when it was first going around, about 100 Things - or to put it in BBC terms, A Personal History in 100 Objects - but I decided it's not like I needed *more* ideas for journal entries.

But hey, anyone want to do a variation on that? Several things that would have been on my 100 Things list are in that inventory anyway. If anybody leave a comment asking about something on that inventory, I will tell them a story about it! (Either in a comment or a new post, depending on how much I have to say.)

1And also learning the term "provisionally discarded" in an archeology class has actually helped me a lot in the ongoing 'don't turn into a hoarder' battle - I can "provisionally discard" things without having to decide now, and then if a year later they're still in the 'provisionally discarded' storage - either because I didn't want them or I forgot I still had them - they go.)

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January 24th, 2011 02:57 pm - I can do five things. Sure.
1. Ebook piracy: the latest hot topic. I have been staying out of this discussion, mostly because: I have been listening to pirated audiobooks since before I could *read*, since pirated audiobooks meant "check the LP out of the library and copy it on to reel-to-reel tape." I worked through all my moral and ethical questions about the issue by the time I had hit kindergarten, with the assistance of the fact that *all* of my peers and authority figures did the same things; I had picture books that were photostat copies bound with brads; I had Boxcar Children books that were bookstore remainders with the covers stripped.

My father was a math and programming teacher in the early 80s; the county-wide department inservice days were the best thing ever, because Dad would come home with 5.25-inch discs holding pirated copies of all the latest Apple II games that all the teachers were trading around under the desks. (True story: I once asked Dad what the "kracker" did in programming, since all the programs we had at home had a "kracked by" credit before the opening screen.) In fact, I have never met a single teacher, at any level, and growing up a TK I've met a lot, who has taught for more than five years and doesn't routinely make illegal copies of things for her classes. When a law is that widely flouted (by pretty much everyone who doesn't directly benefit from its existence, and also often, quietly, by them as well), what you need to do is change the law, not human nature.

Which is to say, I got over this topic two decades ago. Can we move on and stop acting like fainting flowers about it? ^_~

2. Still listening to (pirated) Dresden Files! 3.5 books in have reached Step 10 in the getting-into-a-fandom timeline. Current fic bunnies: A Day In the Life of Father Forthill; 5 Times Harry Dresden Narrowly Avoided Learning About Slash; and Ray Kowalski Dances With The Winter Lady. Also did another meme fill, which was probably obvious to anyone who knows me and is reading over there. However, I've reached the point where I know just enough canon that I no longer feel comfortable writing fic without knowing it all, sigh, so that's stalled, mostly.

Luckily, the anon meme is keeping me in fic for now! Actually I was just thinking that maybe Dresden Files has finally cured me of politics RPF, given the relative numbers of times I've been reloading the two memes, but then Dresden Files fandom decided on its own to adopt Rahm Emanuel as a character, so I suspect I'm just cursed to read politics RPF forever. (Oh, Rahm, oh.)

3. I am almost finished with my mending basket! Which means time to start a brand-new sewing project, maybe! (Or go back to a years-old retired one.) The last thing in the basket was the Madelyn Mack dress I wore at con-txt and ripped the hem out of. It's 100-year-old black silk, so thin it's translucent in sunlight. I have a picture of my grandmother wearing it, c. 1930, in an "Old Hometown" history pageant; I have a picture of her grandmother wearing what might be the same dress, 30 years earlier. I was really, really nervous about attempting to repair a dress that's practically an artifact and such fragile fabric, too - until I actually started the repair.

I am at *least* the fifth person who has attempted to repair the hem of this dress! (And a better seamstress than at least two of them.) That makes me feel a lot better, and, somehow, love the dress a lot more, too. In fact, its value as a historical artifact may not so much be its value as a dress, as it is a record of Edwardian and early-20th-century home clothing repair techniques; this dress wears its scars proudly, and I'm learning things about effective and efficient repair just from studying it that even my mother's generation seems to have forgotten. (I never did get a picture of me wearing it last summer. Maybe once the repair is done I'll attempt a photographic record. Repair being done make take awhile - there is literally six yards of hem around this skirt.)

4. Last Thursday was the first 10 O'clock Live! It was not terrible! It could use some settling-in time, but it was legitimately good. It actually feels like it's kind of halfway between wanting to be the Daily Show and wanting to be something more like W$W - a serious but irreverent real current events magazine. Am looking forward to more.

...and then the next day Keith Olbermann signed off for the last time. D: D: He wasn't always right and he wasn't always good, but he almost always said the things that the American left needed said but was afraid to, and shouted them when they needed shouted, and now who's to do that?

5. I joined [community profile] inkitout - the DW community to challenge yourself to keep writing all year - and so far, thanks to Dresden Files, am doing okay. But! This week's support post was to introduce one of your characters, and I was like hooray! I always want to talk about my original characters! Until I tried, and realized I couldn't do it. original character wibbling )

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November 24th, 2010 04:45 pm - Five things make a post?
1. I am going through today and subscribing back to a bunch of people who've been subscribed to me for a while; I've been letting my reading list sit, partly because I'm lazy, partly because my reading list is already very close to Dunbar's number*, and partly because quite a few of the people who subscribed to me recently are folks who I've gotten used to thinking of as way out of my league, too smart and too popular for me. But I have got to the point again where I am spending time reloading my list saying "why are there no new posts?" (I realize the answer is 'holiday weekend already' but I am ignoring that.) So. Um. Hi?

*I have issues with Dunbar's number as a hard limit, but for a single network, it does seem to make sense. And to be about where I settle naturally when it comes to active posters on a reading list.

2. Three fics which I recently found which I must share! And one of them isn't even my fault in any way!
  • Sherlock Holmes, Petticoat Detective by [personal profile] verity, which I linked in my yuletide letter, but deserves to be seen above a cut. Remember how back when BBC Sherlock was first gaining steam, I posted about how my issue with a modern!Holmes AU is that without Victorian!Holmes, modern culture would be very, very different?

    Apparently while I was off ignoring the fandom for my own sanity, some of them decided that the answer to that problem was that, instead of Holmes being the trope maker and archetype of the genius detective, in that universe, Madelyn Mack was. THIS IS BRILLIANT AND MAKES MY HEART SING.

    And [personal profile] verity has actually writ fic about it! Linked above is just a short ficlet, but what she manages to cram into the ficlet about what this means for Holmes - that the archetype he's built his self-image onto is one that pop culture thinks is a girl's - is amazing and I am in love with it. And [personal profile] verity tells me that more is coming, yay!

  • The Lambda Quadrant by [profile] peapods24. I repeat my comment to the author: OMG Bill of Rights fic! With Rachel/Ana! Luring Keith into a gay bar of shiny! !!!! This is sheer beauty! ...and I love particularly (well, after Keith getting pinched by the bouncer. And Anderson's drooping anntenae.) the commentary you've worked in here on what being gay means on this Earth. I think it's a bit fluffier than I would have written it, but it's definitely the way things *should* be on TOS!Eearth. Proving that Earth understands IDIC better than Surak does, one glittery gay bar at a time. :D

  • The World That You Need by [personal profile] dira. This is a Vorkosigan-verse series, up to about 50,000 words total, set during the first half of Vor Game, about how Cordelia Vorkosigan talked her husband into seducing his (male) secretary, because his happiness delights her. It is the best exploration of what it means to be homosexual on Barrayar that has ever been written; it is one of the best stories about poly relationships that I have seen in fandom, period; it is just a really good story about Cordelia and Aral and their marriage, and about Jole, the minor canon character that Dira has given amazing depths to; and it is just full of joy and love, even as it delves into some really dark and painful things on the way to happy-ever-after. This fic is now canon to me, but I really recommend it even to people who aren't Bujold fans, if you like reading fic that addresses LGBT themes deeply - it's just that good, and I want it to go on forever. I have read it about six times since it was posted.

3. The other day I went to The Star Toys Museum and donated five boxes of Star Wars crap to them, in exchange for a tour )

4. I finally finished listening to the audiobook of A Wizard Of Mars, after being unable to acquire a copy of the written book without using money. I was... kind of disappointed in it? Maybe it's partly because it was on audiobook, which meant that when I came to the bits I disliked, I had to just slog through, instead of skimming or skipping, so they seemed even longer. But the reason it took so long was that there was a long section in the middle where Nita and Kit aren't telling each other, or their supervisors, things that they really should, by their established character from previous books, be telling them. It is one of those annoying "if they talked to each other there would be no narrative tension, so they are just going to keep secrets for no reason other than angst" things. DD seemed to expect people to buy it just because Nita and Kit and proper teenagers now, and hormones do strange things? Maybe it's just that I was never a proper teenager, maybe it was hitting my embarrassment squick a bit, but I didn't buy it at all, even though spoiler cut )

5. Last night, seeking to prove that there really *wasn't* anything good on any of her hundreds of FIOS channels (she was wrong from the outset, 'cause there was a Top Gear rerun on BBCA, but still), Mom put on an episode of the old live-action Hulk TV series. It was - bizarrely - not terrible. It was actually really fun, in that seventies-TV way. And I am thinking of submitting Dr. David Banner to the crushes of shame on [journalfen.net profile] hot_daily, because wow, if there was ever a character designed to appeal to little fangirl hearts! And I love love love the oldschool special effects, too. Where is the fic for this?

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October 23rd, 2010 10:17 pm - This all does make sense, if you're me.
Oh help. I was just trying to copy-paste "katy manning naked dalek" into google search, but I hadn't actually copied the text, so what actually pasted was "neo-classical endogenous growth theory".

.... the sad bit is that it that I got the endogenous growth theory off a kink meme, not the Dalek porn. And that I got so distracted reading about endogenous growth theory that I still haven't looked up the Katy Manning pictures yet.

(Okay, now I have. You know, they say the Internet is for porn, but the Lego version now has a higher Google ranking than the original photoshoot...)

Right now I am re-organizing my library (again, yes, but they really needed it, they've been in a state ever since the last time I moved). This time it's by publisher and date of publication! What, I can find things at least as well that way by this point, and it sorts much more naturally by size that way, which is necessary in order to fit 2,700 books into one 10x15 room and still be able to pull out any one I want at five minutes' notice. And if I can't pull out any one I want at five minutes' notice, there is no excuse for me having them all. (My rule of dusting is "if it has stayed in one place long enough to accumulate dust, you should either get rid of it or put it into deep storage." Books don't get dusty.)

Anyway, I am starting to realize that there may come a day when my library is *finished.* I mean, not totally finished - people will keep writing amazing books, and I will keep buying them as soon as I find a used copy for less than $2, and there are some rare books that I will probably never find for less than $2 - but the backfilling? The catching up of two centuries of popular publishing that already happened? There may actually be an end in sight. The thing is I keep going to used book sales and discovering that everything they have that I'm interested in, I already own.

Today I went to the library thinking I might actually check out some books on topics related to a certain NaNo I'm not writing which may or may not also be related to endogenous growth theory, and coming home with nothing, because the only books on the shelves that I had any interest in reading were ones I already had at home. The end's not there yet - LibraryThing means always knowing exactly how many books you've bought this month, and I'm not exactly at a stop yet; there's a ways to go before I can walk into a used bookstore with a 50%-off-everything sale and come out empty-handed. But most of those large batches this year were me going through piles of uncatalogued stuff that was already more-or-less in the family. (Well. Okay, and reading copies given to me by friend-who-works-in-the-industry.) Whereas even three years ago, many of them were "went to big library sale, came out with 80 books."

I had never really thought of a book collecting as something that had a *limit* (even if it's one of those tricky limits that trails off but never quite reaches zero.)

...on the upside, though, when I go to a sale and don't find anything interesting among the books, that leaves me more time to look through the LPs...

Anyway. [personal profile] kate_nepveu's metafandomed post on crossover fandoms drew me like a moth to a flame, like it would, and somebody in her comments linked to The Finale of the Ultimate Mega Meta Crossover on fanfiction.net, which is, in fact, a(n) Ultimate Mega Meta Crossover.

I approve of mega meta crossovers just in *general* (as you might have noticed), and this one is amazing - it pulls in reality-crossing characters from 45 different story-worlds, puts them in a framework borrowed from a couple of Singularity-era SF novels (which normally annoy me, but with everyone from Merlin to Miles Vorkosigan refusing to take their premises seriously, it was far more palatable) in such a way that there is both plot and logic, and then lets them run.

It is so awesome it got me to sign it to my delicious account for the first time in months (okay, for the first time since I found the Sharpe/Temeraire crossover this summer, I have types, okay?)

(Also I recognized only 34 out of the 45 fandoms in that without cheating, I clearly need to read more SF.)

Also, the Ultimate Meta Mega Crossover gives Harold Shea the love and spotlight he deserves, which makes me even happier. If, by any chance, you don't know who Harold Shea is, he is the main character in the Compleat Enchanter series by L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt, which began in 1940 in the SF pulp magazines. As far as I am aware, it is the first (published, English-language fiction) in which a (geeky, fannish) character discovered a way to travel to universes that were fictional in his home universe, and thus is the patron saint of fourth-wall-breaking crossovers.

(He is even brillianter than that, in that the second universe he went to was Spencer's Faerie Queene. If you don't know Faerie Queene, it's basically fanfic of the novel Orlando Furioso, which was fanfic of the novel Orlando Innamorato, which was a crossover fanfic of the Roland cycle and the Arthurian romances, which were themselves, of course, fanfic of (probably Breton) derivative texts which are long lost. And Compleat Enchanter is itself a multi-author fanfic verse at this point. And it is fully self-aware of all the layers of meta it has going on. In 1940 in Unknown magazine.)

There needs to be more Harold Shea (and Amber, and Pantheistic Multiperson Solipsism, and etc--) fic out there, and there needs to be more massively multifandom multiverse fics, too. Especially ones that bring in fandoms like Young Wizards or Lazarus Long that let all the different fictional universes already be in formal contact with each other.

I was going to say "now I want to change my yuletide requests to put in some of my favorite canonical crossover universes", except of course I'm already requesting "A Night In the Lonesome October" which is already an epic multi-fandom canon crossover. :D I told you I had a type. And one of my prompts for it is totally going to be "Write about another future or past Game pulling in multiple crossover characters from some other place and time. Here's a list of Halloween full moons in the last three centuries. 1955 Japan, Jack and Snuff picking their way among the kaiju? 1944, with Indiana Jones and Jack Harkness and the BPRD and Spike and Dru and ....? 1925, Adele Blanc-Sec vs. Madelyn Mack vs. Mary Russell? 2020, the first Game in 65 years, with grown-up Luna and Neville and Nita and Kit and the Allbright twins and a Slayer or two acting on rumors they barely believe? Pick your characters! Pick your year! Go!"

...actually I kind of want to run a whole Night in the Lonesome October fic fest where everybody picks a Game year, and writes that crossover, but I suspect I could not get the participation. (Or, you know, you could run an amazing RPG, where the mod picks a year and a location, everybody else picks a character, and nobody knows who is Opening and who is Closing. You could even do that one in person or by mail, one day at a time - I bet you could adapt Amber Diceless to it, too. But that is way beyond my skill.)

Also I am very tempted to drop Hodgmanverse from my yuletide requests and replace it with Snarkout Boys, just to complete the set of Holmes pastiches. No! I shall be strong!

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October 30th, 2008 04:36 pm - FREE STUFF (take two.)
Okay, let's try this again.

The lists of free books have been updated. I am giving away all the books tagged "togoaway" in my LibraryThing Account.

You can see the list at my LibraryThing account here, or if LT is being buggy, it's up my webspace here.

I am also giving away books from my Dad's library, here at Librarything and and here at my webspace.

If you want any, leave me a comment with titles, and I will send them to you for shipping costs or less. Get me your email address (either here or at thisaccountname at yahoo) and I'll get back to you early next week for details once I've actually pulled out your books.

Also! Have another weird LP rip. This one appears to be the soundtrack of a son et lumiere production given at Gizeh of the pyramids in 1961. Full of bombastic classical music and very British historical voiceovers and random, old-fashioned translations of Egyptian texts. Fun! It's one mp3, because there were no natural breakpoints, 50 minutes. Here History Began.mp3

..also, as part of my ongoing effort to be less lurky online, I'm friending some of the people I've been watching through friendsfriends. So if I've just friended you, Hi! I've been watching you! Claim some books.

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October 29th, 2008 02:23 pm - FREE BOOKS
So, we have recently cleaned out our book collection, and as a result, there are a whole *ton* of books I am getting rid of: lots of older SF particularly, but also some general fiction and some non-fiction.

If anybody on my flist wants any, I will send them to you for the shipping costs (if the shipping turns out to be <$1, like for one paperback, or I can just give them to you in person, it will be free.)

Claim them in a comment here, and then I'll get in touch to get your address and confirm your claims.

I'm not guaranteeing condition, and it's first come first serve 'cause I'm also offering these in a couple other places.

Everything tagged _togoaway in my LibraryThing account is going.
(There are ~650 books up for grabs, but you can sort the list by any of the columns to make it easier.)

Also up for grabs is what's going from my Dad's collection, here, another 215, mostly non-fiction. Same procedure.

ETA: Time out. Okay, the site I was going to use for this is currently having major issues, so there will be a new give-away post when I figure out a new way to post the list. Feel free to use this one meanwhile if it works for you.

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October 25th, 2008 08:05 pm - Things Which Are Amazingly Awesome (update)
So today at the sale, I got to talk to the lady who knew the lady who was married to the guy who owned the awesome thing, and she says that it was bought about twenty or thirty years ago while he was in Suez for the Navy, and it's over two hundred years old. (She has a really cute assistance dog, too.)

I'll buy about half of what she told me (it may have been bought somewhere in the Near East by someone who was told that it was over 200 years old) but I don't believe it could actually be that old; it's not *that* cool, and the textiles used really say 20th century to me. But this adds another level of possibility: instead of being made by an American who didn't know much about Egypt, it may have been made by an Egyptian to sell to Americans who don't know much about Egypt. Though that still leaves the question of why it was being sold, in the '70s, in a very aged condition. (If it is close to two hundred years old, it would pre-date Champollion, which would at least excuse the symbology being off and explain why there are apparently random heiroglyphs scattered around. Though I find it hard to believe it would be even as accurate as it is in that case.)

...more hearteningly, I now have an e-mail address for the actual lady it was donated by, so maybe I can get a more direct version of the story.

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October 24th, 2008 08:42 pm - Things which are amazingly awesome (pt 1)
So tommorow is our church's big fall rummage sale, so I came home today to help Mom set up and price, and in the big pile of STUFF THAT WAS DONATED was this:

It is not it great shape - some of the fabric is deteriorated and some of the dyes have run as they faded - but it is *old* - my conservative guess would be 1940s - and over five feet long, all hand-appliqued on heavy canvas - and did I mention it is made of pure awesome? (Possibly quite literally.)

All I know about it is that it belonged to the deceased husband of a friend of a woman who knows someone at our church.

Here's a close-up of Horus so you can see the stitchwork: link. (And a huge version of the whole thing: link)

Hey [journalfen.net profile] eleutheria, know anyone who needs a hanging for a Horus altar? :D

(I would like to at least figure out who the other two figures reresent - they're not anything I know offhand - and get a better idea of the age and origin - and maybe figure out how to attempt to properly conserve it. I've gotten ratty old quilts before, but they were all obviously used hard when they were new and intended for it, so I was fine with continuting to use them as ratty old textiles. This one, however, is *awesome*.)

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September 16th, 2008 08:10 am
So last weekend, since our mother wants to be able to acually use her basement, [journalfen.net profile] stellar_dust and I cleared out the collection of Star Wars Crap (yes, that is the official name of the collection.)

Before and after shots )

There was also a clearing-out of her Rainbow Brite crap.

On the off chance that anybody who reads this and not her journal is interested:

We are offering to send the cleared-out stuff to internet friends for the shipping costs. If you want to see the picture-posts of stuff that's going, let me know and I'll get you on the filter before her lj people claim it all :D

(At some point, once I am done dithering over it, there will be a similar post RE: approximately 1000 books, but that is still preliminary.)


May 13th, 2008 09:40 pm - Yes, I admit I have a problem
Have been packing.

Now that LT has power-edit back, I just did up the first shelf's worth of books: about 50 books in the "sf-hardcover-to keep no matter what" boxes (sfhctk, if you're following along on my lt tags), about 50 books in the sf-hardcover-"to read soon or get rid of" boxes (sfhctr).

The remaining ~200 books in the sf-hardcover shelves will split between "to store in boxes because I want to have them just in case" (sfhcts) and "to get rid of" (tgro) with more in the second category, but those wait until much later, since I won't be shelving them.

Then there's the other 3,000 books in my collection. Yay?
(I have hopes that they'll divide in about the same proportions into tk, tr, ts, and tgro. Of course that still leaves me with about 600 books on my "to read" pile...

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February 3rd, 2008 12:02 am
I've been making an effort to review every book I read at LibraryThing (especially since my first two Early Reviewer books came this week.)

His Majesty's Dragon makes 13 since the turn of the year, plus one that's not in the LT account.

Which is probably excuse enough as to why I've not been posting.

Now I am off to go play with some more books.

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January 1st, 2008 11:10 pm - DAAAAAHHH!!!
Relief is the feeling of going back to your journal a year ago to see what your resolutions were, and discovering that you didn't record any. \o/

Everybody is posting their LT readlists and yuletide recs again, though. Last year, I actually did manage to do more paper-book reading; this year, I will actually keep a list of what I've read, so I can see how much it is. And last year, I did manage to keep a bookmarks file of good fic I've read; this year, I will actually post some actual recs and actual feedback.

... Those seem like high enough goals.

Did I mention that I got 62 more books this holiday?

mmmm. Books.

I need to get back to my feedbackers tonight. Meanwhile, just for fun, here's a yuletide retrospective )

Also, is it only me this always happens to? The first piece of feedback I got after the archive went live was in fact for a piece of SGA flashfic that had gotten a total of four comments in the previous three years. It seems like getting feedback for one story draws it for others - others that are posted in completely different places for completely different communities with no visible connection whatsoever.

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October 29th, 2007 10:30 pm
I'm tempted to just *pay* again - I only have about a month left at this point - but if they're in too much disarray to either, 1) fix the problem, or, 2) reply to my support post to say they won't fix the problem soon, then I don't trust the payment to fix it quickly either.

I spent today cleaning house for a lady who had lived there for 41 years - the house was in a first suburb, her husband was a WWII vet, and it was fascinating. (And very, very in need of cleaning.) I came home with a Jackie Kennedy-era little black dress that's in great condition and fits me perfectly (and $15-an-hour pay, which was also nice...) so that's a win.

I have webspace again! The images on this journal work now! Now - AS SOON AS I GET MY ICONS BACK - I can start uploading stuff again!

And okay, okay, I went ahead and did that Free Rice vocab thingy, since I was only being bombarded by it from *all sides*. FYI, insanely competitive RL friends, I got up to fifty about three times but I never broke fifty (...and never dropped below 44), and by the time I got up to level 49 several times it became apparent that their word lists at that level don't have that many words on them and I was guessing based as much on their question-picking algorithm as on the English language, and they have some definitions on there that are - not very right. And I donated about 4,000 grains and I'm not going back because that thing *eats time*, which I knew, which is why I didn't try it before now. ^_^

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September 27th, 2007 07:35 pm
You know that antique wind-up traveller's clock I bought a while back? I have now resolved to have it ticking (and hopefully, chiming) in time for this. Probably with a Seal of Rassilon replacing the original ruined paper clockface. :D (Or maybe the chameleon-arch design, though that would be harder and less recognizable.)

I don't know if I'll get around to doing anything else, though. busy busy. Also I need to get started planning for Fear Day.

Anyway: I will be at the National Book Festival in Washington, DC on Saturday, all day. I traditionally use it to meet internets people. Anybody local planning to be there?

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September 8th, 2007 10:22 pm
This morning I bought a tiny 1927 wind-up alarm clock with a diameter of about two inches. It's pretty badly water-damaged and it only ticks for about ten seconds after it's wound, but it is little! And cute! And since it's little I can justify storing it, and since it's cheap I can justify buying it, and since it's already nonfunctional I can justify taking it apart to see what makes it tick.

...if I actually get it ticking that'll just be a bonus. (I don't expect to get it to keep good time, but I like the tick, what can I say. And it's little! And cute! And fits just right in the palm of my hand, like a newborn kitten! And I almost walked away, but I know I would have regretted it for years if I didn't.) I plan to take it apart this week while I'm home alone.

...that crusty white stuff in it just better not be Time Lord essence, that's all I can say.

(ALSO, they're showing Torchwood in the US finally! On *BBC America*, which the only way you can get it in this area is on satellite. How is that fair?? That probably means they'll never pick it up on a channel we get, too. I blame the vast right-wing conspiracy. And FOX. Oh, oh, I tried to be good, but Captain Jack, sooner or later you'll drive me to finally learn torrents. Alas.)

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