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February 14th, 2011 11:27 pm - 21000 words of new fiction so far; seriously self?
Well, if everybody else is doing the "titles of your works in progress" meme:


If you want to know more about any of those, ask and I will babble about them!

But! That is not all! Okay, there are a bunch of wips that have been put in the non-recent folders even though I do still plan to finish them. Not listing them all here, because that just gets depressing. And there are some other fics which exist only on various anon memes because I commentboxed them.

And then there is all the stuff that goes in my commonplace books. I got in the habit of carrying a notebook in which to write things when I was in high school - yes, we were supposed to have binders and careful dividing up by subjects and class and whatever, I just had a notebook. In which I wrote things. In whatever order. After I left school and stopped carrying bookbag-sized bags, I switched to carrying smaller notebooks, but I still generally have a notebook or two which just contains whatever I feel requires writing down at the moment - everything from a few thousand words of fiction to a bit of long division. I started privately calling them "commonplace books" after I learned that my grandmother kept one - because they certainly aren't organized enough to be anything else.

Anyway, I have just about filled up the one I've been using recently, so I thought it might be fun to list out the contents in my more journal-y journal, for my own reference if nothing else! So here is the page-by-page contents of one of my paper notebooks, summarized but unfiltered, for y'all:

100 pages! Pages of pure brainstuff! )

...and fin. I must have only torn one page out of that whole notebook! It is apparently still 1/5 blank pages, but considering how scattered they are, yep, I think it's retirement time. (I do save these though! For, like, future historians. Or something.)

And yes, this system of note-taking works best for me. It's organized by when it happened, and what else was going on at the same time, and by tactile sense, and that really does seem to make it easier for me to find things than any more 'rational' system. ...as long as I remember that I wrote it down. And which notebook I wrote it down in.

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