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interrobang studios
November 8th, 2013 12:58 am - Podcasts
...I guess if I'm actually attempting to make a podcast I should finally do that "podcasts I listen to" post I've been meaning to make, huh?

So here are the podcasts I currently listen to regularly, in case anyone is looking for interesting podcasts:

A good dozen podcasts )

Despite how long that list looks, I do occasionally run out of stuff to listen to, if half the shows are on hiatus and it's an off week for the others and I'm doing a lot of physical stuff where I have headphones in. Does anybody have any more recs for somebody who likes the above? Looking over what they have in common, the salient features seem to be:

1. Easy to download as .mp3 and/or stream online without needing to mess with itunes
2. Non-fiction, and in a conversational style that's basically just a bunch of smart and/or interesting people talking about interesting and/or entertaining stuff, usually with a fannish/geeky POV (even the ones up there that don't look fannish on the surface are apt to turn into intense analysis of Pacific Rim or HP Lovecraft filk or whatever at the drop of a hat.)
3. The sort of thing where I can fade out for a few minutes and then come back and not be lost or feel like I really need to rewind.
4. At least twice monthly episodes of around an hour.
5. Doesn't take itself seriously at all.

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November 6th, 2013 04:28 pm - Help me with Les Mis podcast? Anyone?
ETA: Okay, I think I have enough people! LM fandom friends you are awesome ♥ we will do this thing.

So: /report is doing guest episodes during their mid-year hiatus this year, and one topic that they mentioned they'd love to have somebody do is Les Misérables fandom. I just heard back from them, and apparently they still haven't had anybody offer to do Les Mis.

Les Mis fandom, we can make this happen! I'm willing to organize and do all the audio editing and tech stuff, but I can't do a podcast just talking to myself (I know. I've tried. It doesn't work.) and all the people I've asked so far are too shy to talk into a mike. So I need 1-3 other people who are in Les Miserables fandom, who would like to spend a couple of hours in the near future talking about this fandom on Skype, to go out to an audience of probably a few thousand listeners.

Is there anybody reading this who thinks that describes them? If it doesn't describe you, but you know people who might be interested, would you let them know?

All you have to do is be able to ramble about Les Mis fandom with me and maybe a few other fanpeople, in something resembling English, over Skype, for a few hours in the next month or so.

You don't have to a) be a bnf, b) already be my friend, c) be any sort of expert, d) have podcasting experience, or e) do anything in the fandom other than lurk, although of course I wouldn't turn down anybody who is! It would be nice if you are familiar with /report, or if you can pronounce the names of Les Amis properly (since I can't), and I'd prefer if you're over 17 in case we start talking about porn a lot, but none of those are required.

Podcasting is basically the only fannish medium I haven't messed around with, so I would love to take this chance to try it and screw up in the most public way possible.

Let me know either through tumblr or dw or email (this username at yahoo) if you're interested, and we'll put something together!

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May 16th, 2011 02:48 pm - Link Housekeeping
A bunch of things going on otherwheres that I've been meaning to mention here and haven't:

  1. [personal profile] sophinisba did a podfic of that fic what I wrote where Spike and Dru make George Bailey into a vampire and they all live happily ever after. My first time being podficced, and it was awesome! I love the way she even managed to make the bits of wording that I cringe at every time I read it sound amazing.

    *snuggles it*

    (Although it is weird to be listening to that fic now, it is such a Christmas fic for me. Not because It's a Wonderful Life, but because when/where/why I wrote it. And because of the Christmassy themes of bleakness and loneliness and despair, and rebirth into death, and taking joy in the nasty and horrible, and what family is and isn't. Oh and birthday presents.)

  2. I posted something over at [community profile] starry_sea, my poor lonely Star Trek paracanon community.

    Specifically I posted the FST to Diane Duane's novel The Wounded Sky, which I've only been messing with for about a year, and which is possibly the dorkiest fanmix I have ever thrown together. (It has a track which encodes the protein structure of spider dragline silk. Yes, that dorky. And two tracks featuring the musical styling of Stephen Hawking.)

    So here it is for you guys to find too: Anentropia.

    (And I know I said something about doing longer commentary for it, but that turned in to a general 'how Melannen does fanmixes' post with special notes on those tracks, so it might be awhile.)

  3. I posted a tour of wild edibles in my yard + a plea for help with shade gardening in [community profile] common_nature (which yay for my little community which stays not-lonely even when I leave it alone for awhile! And is full of helpful people!)

  4. I posted 101 Asexy Sex Scenes to [community profile] asexual_fandom, which is just a list of 101 prompts for sex scenes involving asexual characters, and it seems to have been a hit.

    But I also made up a non-existent fandom to use in the prompts (involving asexual Ash and Alex, bisexual Bailey, pansexual Pat, etc.) and they seem to have been even more of a hit. [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith has written an entire TV show, Schroedinger's Heroes about them, OMG.

    I have to say, it is so very weird to have someone take a story premise you came up with and go in entirely different directions with it than you would - weirder than I expected, maybe even weirder when it's as barebones as Alex and Bailey's story intentionally was, because there's nowhere to point and say, 'actually, this'. I have mostly been staying out of the way on that because I don't want to step on toes, and also, risk of dripping the weirdness feelings where they don't belong.

    But also, awesome! OMG I can't believe she actually wrote fanfic of my nonexistent fandom! \o/

    (I am also finding it unexpectedly difficult to take seeing people assign those characters genders and gendered pronouns. There was a story I started writing back in high school where the protagonists refused to identify with a gender (okay, two stories, but Spec eventually admitted to being what I would call trans, although he still gets squirrelly about pronouns sometimes), and I guess playing with Jamie, who won't even let me use a gender-neutral pronoun because of considering that lazy language when Jamie does just fine without any at all (even when insisting on being written in third person), has convinced me that agendered is agendered dammit even when I didn't actually mean to be writing agendered characters.

    ...someday I will actually post that epic post that is hiding on my hard drive about me and my genderqueer&trans original characters, but that will not be today.)

  5. Also [community profile] asexual_fandom ran another asexy prompt meme!

    I have two fills up there so far:

    Untitled Charlie and Roxy fic, an HP story about mentorship and family and legacy and expectations when you're asexual, which came out kind of unexpectedly personal (because my mom's family is much like the Weasleys, only larger and stranger.) I kind of want to write a bunch of sequels to this now, about Uncle Bilius and Uncle Charlie and (eventually) Aunt Roxy. And dragons.

    and Love Letter for the Truthy, which is very silly blackboard!diagram for a prompt about character!Stephen and Glenn Beck!Jon (oh Beck!Jon, why do I find you so wildly attractive?)

    There's a bunch of other great fic on there! And unfilled prompts! (Including some I still half-want to fill: there's the ace!Gregor one, dammit, and I suddenly got bunnied to write the first prompt on there as "Four and Romana visit Torchwood Three". Feel free to borrow that idea, anybody!)

  6. Also, it is the six-month-ish anniversary of the Ace Manifestos Project! Come celebrate and help us come up with more ideas for characters! (And also claim somebody - you know you want to.)

  7. And finally, [community profile] kink_bingo round three is ending; long live round four! I didn't ever actually make an amnesty post to the comm, even though I did get one fic finished during the original period, because I lived in hope of finishing something else (I did write a lot of kinky fic, but most of my energy went into prompt memes over this last year, and k_b doesn't allow stories written for other prompts, so...)

    I did do a prize though, and apparently that's enough to qualify for the next round! I don't know what k_b's policy is for linking to prizes before the official prize post is up, but if you would like to see more Captain Rachel Maddow of the U.S.S. Bill of Rights (back when she was just a lowly Ops officer on the S.S. Susanoo-no-mikoto) you could look on my AO3 account.... ;)

    Now I have to decide if I'm signing up for the next round...

    (There will probably be a large-ish AO3 update coming once 3W4DW is over, by the way, featuring the fic linked here + a bunch of anon meme stuff back to my first story on the lolitics meme a year ago today, btw. Need to decide if I'm going to backdate it all first...)

also it is my birthday and as we speak Mom is decorating a cake for me. With feathered dinosaurs on it, so I am told! I decorated one for the vaguely-birthday-ish friends gathering on Saturday that said "Ars longa, vita brevis" on it with human skeletons, because we are old and will die soon, and also if you've carefully trained your friends to expect that kind of stuff from you, you might as well take advantage.

ETA: Also, almost a year late to be relevant: I can totally remove the orangey bit intact from the middle of a Jaffa Cake. It's way easier than peeling the cream filling out of an Oreo. You British people must be spoilt.

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