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interrobang studios
June 13th, 2008 10:19 pm - con.txt day 1
Disco night at the slash con : even better with zombies! (I thought the dancing was awfully smooth for a bunch of geek chicks.)

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June 13th, 2007 06:33 pm
Today's been a creepy sort of day - I've got the "am I the only one left alive" feeling I always get when there's been nothing to take me out of the house, and all afternoon the sky's been grumbling away - like it has for days - but not actually going all the way, just holding the tension.

Then the rain broke, for the first time in weeks.

And according to my flist, there's zombies.

... otherwise I probably wouldn't have heard about it until The Daily Show came on. Which is sad, but typical. I'm trying to imagine what Jon and the writers are thinking right now : I mean, people are dying, but *how* could they resist the temptation to play it for comedy? Actually, they're probably thinking 'brains!!'

... totally inappropriate humor, right, but that's how it runs. If anybody's already lost anyone - keep safe, everybody, and keep in touch. If lj goes down you know where else to look for me.

Anyway Mom's here with me, and Sister's been at work all day in her isolated bunker building so I hope she's pretty safe, and I haven't *heard* any bad news from anywhere else. I hope Aunt and Uncle and Cousin were somewhere they could stay away - we haven't heard, and they're supposed to get here tomorrow for a visit. It's been quiet on my street so far - no quieter than usual, but no screams and chainsaws either, so.

I just peered down the road, toward the old cemetary on the corner where they built the church. It's really old - the newest dates we saw were the '20s - it's a nice place to walk. Or, well, it was.

I think all the zombies there were too old to do much, though. There's a couple sodden looking lumps of sticks and rags in the road down there, like the rain washed away all the dust that was holding their bones together. I wonder if those bodies are keeping the others away, or if it's just that we're too far from a newer graveyard.

IfWhen it settles down in a few days I really want to go see if we can match bones with stones and do a little archeology to find out who was buried there, especially in all the unmarked graves down the hill.

Meanwhile I'm heading over to [livejournal.com profile] enemy_anime's in a few minutes for movie night. Mom doesn't want me to go, but she's letting me, I think because she doesn't really believe in the zombies either. I need to get out of the house though, and I figure I'm just as safe there - probably safer; people there know how to make explosives and have lots of swords.

Go on with life and don't let them win, right? That's what I said six years ago, I'm sticking with it now.

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June 12th, 2007 06:55 pm
tl;dr entry over at my lj, of which the only really interesting part was the zombie uprising.


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