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February 12th, 2008 03:16 pm - VOTE
So according to the election judge at our polling place, our vote for a presidential candidate and our votes for delegates are two separate votes that have no effect on each other - the winner of the popularity contest gets a certain number of delegates at the convention *along with* whatever delegates are elected by popular vote. This is actually a pretty interesting and rigorous system, according to the theory of votes; you can vote for as many candidates as you want, and vote for them *different amounts* depending on how much you like them; you can use your popularity contest vote for the person you like, and then vote strategically with the delegates.

... if the election judge was right. That is not exactly the impression I got from the official state party rules (given that the official rules confused the heck out of me) and all the laymans' explanations I've read or heard about two-part primaries claimed that one or the other of the two parts of the vote were non-binding.

Anyway, I made the judge laugh by explaining what I was hoping I could do (and by being so gleefully ultra-liberal at her!) and I ended up voting for Gravel in the popular vote, and voting my delegates 1/3 Clinton and 2/3 uncommitted, which is actually a pretty fair reflection on my feelings right now: I've been leaning toward Clinton because a) the people who are rabidly against her, 90% of the time, make me angry with their stupid; and b) I understand her, and feel like I can predict what she'll do, in a way I just don't think I can with Obama. But, hey, still mostly Gravel and 2/3 uncommitted. :P

So here's a democracy-themed multifandom fic rec set, in honor of the occasion. )

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October 23rd, 2007 09:54 pm - Stuff.
Fandoms you should never, ever get confused with each other:
MASH and Supernatural.
('Ah, it's the famous Winchester stamina,' he says, and I blink.)
I bet Sam and Dean totally have a Great-Uncle Charles up in New England somewhere that Dad never talks about except they went there that once when the thunderbird ripped Sam's leg open all the way down and Uncle Charles sighed and moaned and wrinkled his nose a lot, and then fixed it.

Two things I wouldn't care about at all if it weren't for certain people on my flist:
The Red Sox are going to the Series! wOOt!!
(I wonder if I'll have my multifandom Baseball AUs recs set ready to post for the start of Game One tomorrow?)
Ronnie O'Sullivan lost! Waaaah!!
(I wonder if anyone ever has written a snooker AU. --Lust Over Pendle totally doesn't count, no matter how sexy Neville was bent over a table with a cue.)

Gilgamesh the king of Uruk invented a ball game once, according to the Sumerian story "Bilgames and the Underworld". He cut down a possessed tree to make a bed for Inanna, and with the leftover wood made the equipment for the game. Then the game became so popular among the young men that the women they were ignoring got angry and kicked the equipment into the netherworld, so Gilgamesh's manly life partner Enkidu volunteered to go down and get it back, but Enkidu didn't follow instructions and got stuck down there, and Gilgamesh had to make a deal to let him hitchhike along with the sun-chariot the next day to get him back to the light.

To which I have several reactions:
1. Man, the Gilgamesh stories were much cooler before somebody went and turned them into a tragic epic.
2. So very, very manly.
3. What is this game? How was it played? HOW CAN I PUT IT IN MY NANO?
4. When (and where) on Earth did Gilgamesh meet up with Hunahpu? And which of them was more gay?(Has anyone investigated similarities between Old Sumerian and Quiche?)

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October 11th, 2007 09:09 pm
So I was going to remember to actually watch SPN tonight, but considering we're like ten minutes in and I've already hit embarrassment-squick-mute three times, I think I'll just wait 'till Sam shows up again. Maybe. Or just read fic instead.

Meanwhile, Halloween plans have officially fallen apart. Must find a plan B.
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August 20th, 2007 01:45 am - Did I mention liking grown-up love stories? Yes?
So people have been rec'cing stuff left and right lately - srs bzness burnout, I guess, combined with a bunch of fests and challenges coming due. And there's this one SGA story everybody (including me) loves, which is an absolute confection of a John/Rodney forced marriage romance. Only of course the premise under which they get married is totally bogus, and there's a bunch of whining about that in the comments already.

Me? I could care less about that, because it gets me, y'know, John/Rodney forced marriage fic. No. What is bothering the living heck out of me is that there's a scene where "pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, and green clovers" are referenced, and the author thinks it's *Trix*. And it's not like I could just drop a line suggesting she change the reference (like she ought to change the typo in the first line) because the scene would be totally different if they were talking about leprechauns and lucky charms instead of trix and rabbits. But it would *also* be totally different if they were referring to 'rainbow fruit' instead, because then the gay would outweigh the tacky. And since the point is how dorky they are, I can't believe it's in character that they'd mix it up, and the whole scene *totally doesn't work at all*.

...there. Now maybe I can resist the temptation to go say that in her comments. </OCD>

I've also read a couple SPN AUs, because I gobble "Jess is Alive" threesome AUs like candy, and that combined with that vid with all the dead wimmens in it makes me really want a Jess-is-alive AU where Jess is in charge of her own life, and kicks ass because she fuckin' wants to. It's not like all the AUs I've read weren't awesome and asskicking, but even in nearly all of those, the version of Jess's story we get is about how she motivates the boys, not about her becoming her own person in her own right. Y'know, actual agency. And then maybe she could show Sam and Dean how to be in love without being codependent, and wouldn't *that* be a miracle?

I don't have IM so I dump brainstorming here! )

Please tell me somebody's already written that fic, and I don't have to read all 83 del.icio.us pages tagged "spn AU jess" looking for it in vain. ^_^

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December 13th, 2006 09:08 pm - Bones!
David Duchovny directed tonight's episode of Bones.

And it was awesome in every way.

Booth got called a pain in the ass by the deputy director of the FBI *and* a pouf by the punk kid. I told you he was like Angel crossed with Mulder. :P

Also I even more so want to write the Bones/Supernatural crossover. Spoilers for the first five minutes, among other things. )

I don't know anybody who watches both of them, do I? So I should be safe from people egging me on.

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November 9th, 2006 10:15 pm - Duuude.
Okay, if you wanted to give me just one episode of Supernatural that would convince me to keep watching?

The one where Sam and Dean argue over which of them gets to be Scully MIGHT JUST DO IT.

Also, Dean namechecked Mysteries of the Unknown! (Not that I would recommend Mysteries of the Unknown for any actual demon hunters, as it's indifferently sourced and full of CRACK. Of course, anyone watching SPN is already someone who clearly likes their parascience indifferently sourced and full of crack, so.)

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November 3rd, 2006 02:37 pm - A fandom entry!
I'm posting this from Seshat, my old linux-running desktop computer that hasn't been turned on for at least six months and hasn't been 'net connected for even longer. And, wow. It's like stepping back into my brain as it existed years ago. It's *freaky*.

Among other things, one of the files that was left open the last time it was on was some preliminary work for the story that's become my NaNo novel which is *so good* that it's leaving me in despair that I'll manage anything that good ever this month.

And the backdrop is a UFO picture that once appeared on APOD.

(Also a bunch of mp3s that I forgot existed. And half a season of unwatched FMA episodes... And there's the fact that the root password is *almost* but *not quite* entirely like my current lj password.) Now I have to decide if it's worth the trouble to try to get Seshat to show up on the house's intranet - or at least figure out how to ssh into it from one of the other computers, which might be less hassle overall.

Anyway, speaking of unwatched episodes, TV yay! )

And then there's [livejournal.com profile] yuletide. Assignments just came out, and mine is *clearly* a case of karma coming back and kicking me hard. But, y'know, in a *good* way. *grin*. I know what novels I'll be re-reading this month.

And if the poor person who got my assignment is poking around, well, Dear Santa: ).

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