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interrobang studios
April 23rd, 2006 08:09 pm - GIP
Look what showed up on my flist, stellar_dust! And as a bonus, it's a a total ripoff of practically a crossover with The Librarian!!

And, uh, while I'm at it, two questions for the flist:

1) Can anyone give me any occasions in SGA when a native of the Pegasus galaxy speaks in a language other than English?

2) And, I need allusions to famous escapes. From TV, movies, books, history, myth, whatever, so long as any reasonably literate, reasonably fannish person might be expected to get the reference. (Especially if the escape strategy consists entirely of 'lure the guards inside the cell, conk them over the head,' or something equally simple-yet-effective. Or something comically byzantine, that would work too.) The captives must not have any outside help, or have made any prior arrangements. I *know* I ought to be able to come up with a bunch of these, but most of the ones that come to mind involve help from confederates who are still free.

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