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August 10th, 2007 03:41 am - thoughts on the hopelessness of the human condition
I'm reading that Jon/Anderson Steven/Keith epic people keep mentioning to me, and suddenly I feel a *deep* and *abiding* desire for Anderson Cooper/Jack Hodgins fic.

And I don't ... I don't .. what? It's almost four in the morning and I've been reading Daily Show fic since the *first* showing of tonight's episode. And the two of them meet up, both on assignment, in some third-world disaster somewhere, knee-deep in mud and bodies, and Jack identifies a bug for Anderson on-air and they end up in the hotel bar (what there is of one) talking about death and detachment and pain and families and acting out and just how homoerotic it was at the Dalton School: and they end up shortly after that in Jack's hotel room (because you know Jack totally would).

And then it somehow segues into Keith Olbermann lounging on Hodgins' couch in front of a baseball game, attempting to lecture Zack Addy on the basics of manliness while Jack drapes himself over something and laughs and laughs and Anderson and Angela raise eyebrows in unison across the room like two finely-crafted bookends (because you know Angela totally would).

And somehow it's all my sister's fault.

ETA: And now, having read this fic, I want to see Jack and *Lex* go at it. Because *that* would be fireworks, my *god*. I can't decide if they'd fight like two barn cats or team up to conquer the world, or both. At once.

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January 10th, 2007 11:23 pm
Okay, have to say, as much as I adore the Bones crew, Eppes ain't got nothin' on Luther Lee Boggs.

No, you want to hear something *really* horrifying? They just ran a commercial for Napoleon Dynamite, and Mom said, "Hey, I went to college with a guy who looked just like that! His name was Henry, but he made all of us call him Butch!"

... I knew there was a reason I've been running scared from that movie.

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December 20th, 2006 10:14 pm - Nothing brings people together like a Christmas lung fungus!
Okay, all the presents are wrapped and under the tree (except the ones I hid and can't find, and also all the ones I still have to make); nothing to be done about school until after the New Year (except worry); and I even managed to get my [livejournal.com profile] yuletide fic in at the nick of time (except I kind of want to finish the other part and get that in too.)

And my family's decided to have Dad's-side Christmas on the 22, and just-us Christmas on the 23 so we can get to Ohio for Mom's-side Christmas on the 25 (even if we have to miss The Christmas Invasion on Sci-Fi that evening), plus there's [livejournal.com profile] enemy_anime's friends Christmas party in there somewhere, and we bring sister and her cats home tomorrow.

And today Mom and I ran the nursing home bingo afternoon all by ourselves. And we made a lot of people happy and gave away a lot of prizes, but wow I'm even more exhausted than after a day of substitute teaching middle school.

Oh yay holidays! At least after the 25th I should have a few nice quiet days at my Uncle's house of nobody here but us and the chickens.

They just showed the Bones Christmas ep, the one where Zack and Hodgins shower together, Booth gets stoned, they all have a big holiday slumber party in the lab and Bones gives the best Christmas present ever! Man, I love that show more and more.

Happy Dies Natalis Solis Invicti everybody Northern Hemisphere people!

Ooh, [livejournal.com profile] stellar_dust: I forgot to say. I need to watch How The Ghosts Stole Christmas at some point. Soon. 'Kay?

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December 13th, 2006 09:08 pm - Bones!
David Duchovny directed tonight's episode of Bones.

And it was awesome in every way.

Booth got called a pain in the ass by the deputy director of the FBI *and* a pouf by the punk kid. I told you he was like Angel crossed with Mulder. :P

Also I even more so want to write the Bones/Supernatural crossover. Spoilers for the first five minutes, among other things. )

I don't know anybody who watches both of them, do I? So I should be safe from people egging me on.

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November 3rd, 2006 02:37 pm - A fandom entry!
I'm posting this from Seshat, my old linux-running desktop computer that hasn't been turned on for at least six months and hasn't been 'net connected for even longer. And, wow. It's like stepping back into my brain as it existed years ago. It's *freaky*.

Among other things, one of the files that was left open the last time it was on was some preliminary work for the story that's become my NaNo novel which is *so good* that it's leaving me in despair that I'll manage anything that good ever this month.

And the backdrop is a UFO picture that once appeared on APOD.

(Also a bunch of mp3s that I forgot existed. And half a season of unwatched FMA episodes... And there's the fact that the root password is *almost* but *not quite* entirely like my current lj password.) Now I have to decide if it's worth the trouble to try to get Seshat to show up on the house's intranet - or at least figure out how to ssh into it from one of the other computers, which might be less hassle overall.

Anyway, speaking of unwatched episodes, TV yay! )

And then there's [livejournal.com profile] yuletide. Assignments just came out, and mine is *clearly* a case of karma coming back and kicking me hard. But, y'know, in a *good* way. *grin*. I know what novels I'll be re-reading this month.

And if the poor person who got my assignment is poking around, well, Dear Santa: ).

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April 19th, 2006 09:56 pm - yo-ho-ho
That was simultaneously the most x-filesy and most shippy Bones episode ever. I'm still not interested in reading or writing Bones/Booth fic, however, 'cause, dude, they give me everything I want onscreen. I do suddenly want a story where Booth and Scully go out to brunch after running into each other at Easter Sunday Mass and commisserate about partners who insist on calling Jesus a zombie, among other small foibles, like waking up with amnesia and covered in the blood of murder victims. (Heh. Booth made sure they checked her bloodstream for ketamine, too. I bet it's now standard FBI procedure in those circumstances.) And then Booth could tease her about the stupid X-files movie, and it would be yay. And Mulder would be show up to take Scully home and be *totally* jealous. And then Booth would try to make Bones jealous too, and she'd blink and say "I don't know what that means."

Anyway, I would be kind of pissed at how stereotypical it is to make Booth Catholic, except a) SCULLY, b) he's an Irish vampire, of course he'd be Catholic, and c) anyway, they already made Zack Lutheran, so I'm happy.

Oh, and I may not have much interest in Bones/Booth fic, but Hodgins and Angela totally need to team up to get Zack alone and then ravish him. Thoroughly.

I'm also desperately hoping they didn't screw up NoLa as badly as they did Assateague last time, and yet, somehow, I suspect they did.

And every time I watch Bones, I'm all happy about the episode, and then they show the previews for next week, and I feel like barfing, because in the promo clip, Tempe looks like a zombie supermodel. With a hairdryer aimed at her head. *Why* do they feel the need to tart her up? Why do they think that will sell the show? She's barely even recognizable! Aaaargh.

(I zoned out and *forgot* that there was House and BL yesterday. I'm not suited for TV, really. I'm ver-ry slowly downloading House, though, and Sister assures me that BL had almost no Denny in it, so maybe I'll be all right.)

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March 29th, 2006 10:51 pm - zebra
In honor of learning about the Nutritional Transition, today I have eaten: a bowl of cereal, a granola bar, a soft pretzel, a cup of Instant Lunch, and some sandwich cookies. Yay, starch!
(One of the few things that makes me wish I lived on my own is the dream of having fried plantains whenever I want them. Mmmm. third world food.)

Even with all that starch, and add in three glasses of milk and a can of guava juice, it's still on the low side of the number of calories I'm supposed to get a day. But, hey, I had fruit, and sweets, and bread, and milk, and salt; the only basic food groups I was missing today were cheese and chocolate.

Anyway and meanwhile. The library book I checked out for my sustainability project has sunk to the bottom of the pile; the one about alternative uses of pharmacologically active herbs among premodern cultures, which I checked out for fic purposes of course, is turning out to be very useful for class. Typical. Plus, I found my credit card marking my place in it from two weeks ago, so now I can renew my paid lj account!

Oh, and I watched this week's House and Bones and Boston Legal tonight while sewing the gauntlets and utility belt for the Drop-Bear's costume. I got stuck on the utility belt - see, KB doesn't actually have a waist, so any sort of substantial belt just looked silly. And then I thought, what do marsupials and superheroes have in common? That's right - Pouches! So even though he's a male koala, he now has a belt with a pouch on it, and is busy trying to tell me what supplies he needs, other than boomerangs, swing line (for doing the DEATH FROM ABOVE bit) and eucalyptus leaves (which are pretty near impossible to get 'round here, but he swears are a miracle drug.)

Anyway. House, Highlander, House, Stargate, Bones, X-files, Boston Legal. )

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