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September 2nd, 2010 09:55 pm - Another thing
4. [personal profile] staranise gave me that "explain five icons" meme. Here are the five icons she chose These may contain major spoilers for some of the small fandoms my icons are from. )

If anybody want me to pick five icons for them, I suppose I could. :D

(look at me showing off my l33t new css skills, too!)

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May 1st, 2009 10:54 pm
I had a bunch of stuff I wanted to get done on DW today - finish and post porn for open beta, write that post about accessible HTML (since it is blogging against disablism day), work through the support instructions, get a couple recs posts together, ladedadeda. But it has become apparent that I will not be accomplishing any of these things.

However! [personal profile] stellar_dust bought me paid account! So I can abuse paid account now!

I have made iconses! A new version of my old Mathnet one, and, since I *can*, a Mathnet dreamsheep! (Feel free to take & use these. Because Mathnet.) Also, of course, a Commander Valentine dreamsheep, just for me.
Kate Monday & George Frankly of Mathnet: The names are made up, but the problems are real. A dreamsheep with the mathnet logo and slogan: 'The names are made up, but the problems are real.' Commander Valentine as a dreamsheep: red hair, eyepatch, cigarette holder, and all.

Also, I can abuse polls! The proportion of people on my flists who are crossposting has gotten big enough that it's starting to involve a lot of scrolling. I'm not going to defriend anybody, but I would like to set up a default reading filter on LJ. So, please fill out my poll?

ETA: No wonder nobody was voting in my poll! The poll creator still has the option "lock to friendslist" and I didn't stop to think that probably meant "access" rather than "subscribe". Since I haven't been accessing people, ya'll couldn't vote. New poll up shortly! Also, will be pointing out poll generator fail.

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September 2nd, 2008 11:08 pm
So, can anyone here guess who it is in my new icon???

(It's cheating if you recognize the book it's from.)

For me, it's a weird sort of illusion- picture: if I look at it from the corner of my eye, or while distracted, I absolutely recognize her; but if I look at it straight on, it doesn't look a thng like her at all.


I saw that book while at B&N this evening. I also found the current Tokyopop Star Trek manga, which I entirely expected to suck, but they don't suck entirely! They got good established Trek writers, and the art isn't actually trying to be manga-style. I saw two Wil Wheaton stories, and one by Diane Duane (she of Rihannsu-verse) in which the sexy, vulnerable alien queen the Enterprise is escorting gloms onto Dr. McCoy at first site and spends the whole trip completely ignoring Kirk in favor of attempting to seduce the good Doctor.

Also, there is a manga adaptation of David Gerrold's Bandi, which I read in one of the really early Trek short stories collections, and couldn't be better suited for a manga adaptation. Plus in the manga version it's even slashier, K/S wise, than the original. Also, Kirk saves the Enterprise in a page-spread where he radiates sparkles and love-hearts at a sad teddy bear with Bambi eyes.


Anyway, politics: I have been pretty much ignoring the presidential race since it was decided who I'm going to be voting for, but this Sarah Palin thing is actually catching my interest again. Okay, I do feel bad for the kids, but srsly: Secret babies? Hidden teenage past as a terrorist secessionist? Spunky librarians? Eight hours in labor on a plane? Forced marriages? Russians *right next door*! Bears and wolves and PUMAs, oh my!

Now *that's* the stuff of a proper old-fashioned political scandal.

(And on a serious politics note: give me back my civil liberties, please.)


I have a fanmix 99% ready to post, but I have *lost* the stylus for my tablet, and if I can't use my John Simm GIMP brush to strew rainbow-colored Master heads over everything, what's the point?

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January 10th, 2005 12:44 am

the "Oh no. Not elephant spunk again!" one is in production. q: Too bad all my journalfen icon ideas end up being non-family-friendy.

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