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melannen ([personal profile] melannen) wrote2007-08-29 11:09 pm

Science Is Golden

Movie night tonight was "Flesh Gordon".

It is an excellent movie. Not that it's, y'know, good, in any conventional way, but the people making it went in knowing *exactly* what they wanted to create, and they created it *perfectly*.

And - okay, this is going to sound very silly - but it felt more *real* than a lot of other SF movies, because really, it was the first movie I've ever seen where the alien culture *didn't* adhere to modern Western standards of modesty, and all of the wink-nudge subtext got to be actual text. It was just so .. refreshing, in a worldbuilding sense, to finally get to see flesh instead of artful drapery.

Plus, the plot actually hung together a lot *better* than any other SF film I've seen with a similar effects budget. Better than a lot of SF films that actually *do* have an effects budget. (...and I may have let out an embarrassing squee noise when I saw Bjo Trimble's name in the credits.) Really, a spot-on parody, the kind you can only manage by both mocking the conventions of the original and *doing them better*.

(It doesn't hurt, of course, that it was basically what you'd get if you filmed many of my favorite fanfics.)

(Oh, who am I kidding: I just want to see Colonel Sheppard hook up with Prince Precious (for justice!) while Dr. McKay slaves away in the laboratory and Teyla leads the Amazon army to freedom and Atlantis writhes under the cruel effects of the Sex Rays.)

(...Matt said the movie reminded him of Torchwood. I approve of this comment.)

(...Anyone up for a Flesh Gordon crossover ficathon? At the very least I may have to request Flesh/Precious for yuletide this year. Although if we did a fest I could totally even figure out how to rip it to avi, since [ profile] kyabetsu loaned me the DVD.)

(she loaned it to me for iconing purposes, but I ought to wait on that till I finish with Tek Jansen. ...who also needs to land on Planet Porno, come to think of it ... so you'll have to make do with the '70s soft porn icon I already had uploaded.)

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