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So I am back from the Land of No Internets and starting to get caught up.

The most important thing, of course, is yuletide!

I got seven yuletide stories just for me. And they were (of course!) all for the anthropomorfic LJ/Fandom/DW prompt.

Serves me right for requesting poly: now I have to write feedback balancing how much I love all seven of my anon writers without making any of them feel left out or less-loved or like I'm comparing them with each other. But there is so much love to share around! Seven stories, all of them amazing and beautiful and great and full of the good crack. And I do adore you all, all seven of you (or however many there were.) I suspect I may know several of you, at least by network; if I don't, I'm missing out. Thank you so much for helping to make this the Best Yuletide Ever. :D I love you all in your own ways for exactly who you are, yuletide writers. I am blessed.

This is mostly c/p from what I left the writers for feedback, but I had to share the joy with my network:

Four full-length stories:

Put At Peace By His Noodly Appendage, mostly gen w/ Fandom/DW in the foreground: A herd of roving LOLCats looked on from atop a cliff, and by some miracle, even the grossly insensitive /b/ didn't comment on what was going on. The endless loop of Rick Astley had even paused for a long enough period of time that nobody noticed when Moot stepped away from the mike to breathe.

A cast of thousands! Something resembling plot! The BitTorrent Sea! Canon character death! Deadjournal gives the eulogy, and all the other minor journaling services get a bit part! This is Web 2.0 Anthropomorfic, with worldbuilding. Worldbuilding, and a strong sense of place, are two of my kinks, and I did not expect to get it so beautifully and ornate in a fic about websites. This is brilliant.

(Somebody needs to write the sequel, set at Geocities' wake, with EFF reading the will and everybody giving Yahoo dirty looks and whispering about air in the IV tubes. :d It might even be me if we're not careful.)

Open Beta, joyfully NC-17 femmeslash:"Um," Fandom said. "That's LJ. She's... I live with her." / "Oh?" Dreamwidth turned them in a slow circle, slipping her hands lazily into the back pockets of Fandom's jeans. "You guys exclusive?"

UMF. This is hot. Dreamwidth in this fic is just - I want to run in to her in a club and let her sex me up like she does Fandom here. (not news, no, but this fic gives me *explicit images* to go with the awesome.) But, on top of the hot, I really love the portrayal of Fandom & LJ's relationship here: it's this lovely subtle portrait of two people who still love each other but don't really get along anymore, and on top of that, the realistic issues of jealousy and attention that come up in any open relationship. It's just - lovely. (And yet you can visualise a happy ever after, because DW's totally up for doing both of them and she's just that good. ;D) If I have not already read every piece of f/f this person has ever written, I will be doing so after reveals.

Packet Switching, g-rated m/m and f/f: "We have sex, okay? We like it. It's fun, it feels good, and DW is willing to play with some of my kinks that you've already made perfectly clear you want nothing to do with." / "Please tell me you don't mean the..." LJ trailed off. / Fandom just smiled enigmatically. / "Right. I'm... I'm just not going to ask."

If I'm interpreting the author notes correctly, this is the story that was written by my actual assigned pinch hitter, and I am glad, because this is the story that made all my yuletide wishes come true. The writer picked up on all the vaguer-than-they-ought-to-have-been hints in my Dear Yuletide letters and wrote exactly the story I was dreaming of. By which I mean partly that the voices, especially LJ's, and the relationships, are spot on, and partly that she wrote DW as lesbian and disabled and a POC and proud and kickass and sexy as hell. The only way in which it is not perfect is that it isn't about ten times longer, and considering they had - what, two days? - to write in, I really can't complain.

The Magical Healing Power of Threesomes, m/f est, m/f/m, explicit kink: "And you think my sex life is hard to keep track of," Fandom muttered. "Maybe I should kick both LJ and Dreamwidth out and just go hang out with Wank. He and I always manage to have good times together."

This is the one where Fandom has weekly tea with Porn and Meta to discuss the travails of their extremely complicated love lives, and Crosspost is an adult toy store. It's terribly, awfully clever, and I mean that as the highest of compliments; it is cheerful loving crack full of little bits of casual detail that make you go "of course that must be how it is!" because, of course, that is how it is. Of course DW works at a library and lives in a studio apartment; of course Fandom was DW's first; of course LJ is a lot kinkier than anyone thinks he is; of course Meta doesn't get along with Magical Healing Cock. :D I think what I like best about this one, though, is that everybody's sympathetic, but nobody's completely the good guy: LJ's a dick but he tries; Fandom's impatient and hot-tempered and self-absorbed but utterly lovable; DW has a bit of a problem with special snowflake syndrome tempered mostly by the fact that DW actually is rather special and sparkly. And of course threesomes really do make everything better!

Three Madness ficlets:

Stumbling After the Sun, mostly gen, DW/LJ friendship: With his good arm, LJ nudged a stack of his own patches along the bench, towards Dreamwidth. "If you want any."

I... I don't think I'm willing to discuss exactly why I love this so much as I do, but: anon yuletide writer, you are *scary* brilliant, and I think I mean both parts of that equally. I love the title you picked, because what I found here is a warm little moment of light that needs to be treasured exactly like a perfect summer day of memory. Little shared moments of mutual comfort between people who are outwardly enemies are one of my favorite subjects for ficlets, and you wrote DW and LJ as excatly write for where and who they are. This story just makes me happy.

Work In Progress, non-explicit poly: "Come on, honey, I am going to make you a nice tea, split the friends list function, take out the ads and then we will talk about this, okay?"

Putting the crack back in crackfic, right where it belongs! This is the least anthropomorphized of the fics I got - the characters are non-gendered and they're very clearly websites rather than humans, and it works. I especially love the portrayal of Fandom here - overdramatic and bitchy and manipulative - not terribly flattering but really pretty accurate. And the relationship between DW and LJ here is probably as close as it gets to how I imagine they are. (By which I mean, lots of hatesex interspersed with epic rounds of complaining about mutual annoyances. And then they team up to destroy their enemies.)

Rough, est. f/f, nonexplicit kink: "We've separated," Get said. "Upload moved in with Collections over at the AO3. Just a week ago, really. The database feels a lot bigger without her."

This story completely ignored both my optional details and my character request, and I don't care, because it's femmeslash kink about DATABASE CALLS IN THE YULETIDE ARCHIVE, and that would automatically make it indescribably awesome even if it weren't also brilliantly good. It anthropomorphizes Get Unfilled Requests and Upload just perfectly, and the cold-and-prickly way it spells out how much they need each other without anyone ever saying it outright is that sort of spare elegance of emotional expression that makes me fall head-over-heels for a 'ship every single time. I may have somewhat over-used certain effusive adjectives up there. I plead the court it was entirely justified. Did I mention that the stories I got for yuletide were awesome and brilliant and lovely and gorgeous and perfect and fantastic?

(eta:the story I wrote has gotten a few comments and one rec, but as I'm fairly sure that's several times as many people as actually know the fandom, I am delighted by the response. and I think the story I wrote ended up being possibly the best fic I have ever posted. and I will still be promoting the canon at you guys like mad as soon as I'm allowed to. yuletide=yay : I think I need that on an icon.)
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Man, I almost feel bad for your other prompts, but those are all pretty awesome.
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"the throbbing calls of hungry LOLcats lurking in the reeds"

Freakin' hilarious.