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1. Does anyone know if ljarchive still works on DW? A lot of people have been asking about backups now that they aren't crossposting anymore, and I thought it still worked, but it's been awhile so I did a test yesterday and it sat downloading "sync index" for 24 hours and then said it couldn't contact the server.

That could be because I have the settings wrong or because the DW servers are still super-busy with imports though maybe?

2. I need/want a new DW style, but I am still using the one I hand-ported over from lj in 2009 and it was obsolete then. And I haven't done anything with styles since. I really like my current one except for me knowing it's not super-accessible and a few things that have slowly broken on it, but a new one doesn't have to be exactly the same as long as it works.

What I do want:

a) something very clean in appearance, I don't need a lot of extra boxes and widgets and things, just the ability to read entries and easily navigate the site.
b) easy to customize stuff like which links appear and what the graphics are with a minimum of CSS/styles knowledge.
c) good on mobile screens, since I apparently surf DW on mostly on mobile now, who knew. Also good on Vivaldi and really old slightly broken versions of IE, since those are the non-mobile browsers I use most now apparently. Mostly what this means is that most of the screen space is actually used for content, there's not a lot of whitespace or big graphics, a web bs score below .2, the content starts within a couple hundred pixels of the top, it scales easily. Also, obvs, reasonably good on accessibility overall.

d) and most importantly (and the reason I still stick with this one after all this time!) it uses custom friends colors and lets me have the custom colors be the vertical height of the entry. Having the custom friends color as a vertical cue when scrolling is really important to me reading my reading list, especially on small screens, but apparently that vertical color stripe is super-hard to do in accessible CSS despite being really easy with tables? It doesn't have to be positioned just like the current one but it needs to go the length of the entry somehow. Anyone know of a current style that does that or is willing to write me the css for it in an existing style? I'll pay in DW points.

3. Once I have my nonfiction books organized I'm totally doing a photo of a shelf of mad science books and using that as my header image it'll be great and make this journal way more likely to pass as work-related. I'm finally up to the 290s! Man the 200s are a slog, even if most of my early 200s are on like the Shroud of Turin and people looking for Noah's Ark and weird apocrypha and stuff.

4. PS: Welcome to everybody coming in from LJ! It's good to see you all back around.

5. The cat is learning about walkies, this may have been a bad idea
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How is Vivaldi? I have never heard of it. Their website doesn't say much about privacy, are they good about that? I have been contemplating migrating to Tor for as much browsing as possible when I get back to the US, on principle, but of course it has trade-offs on features.
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Hooray for kitty walkies! Good for keeping humans on their toes. :D
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Of course! She waaaaaowwwwwnts aaaaaaaaaooooouuuut naaaaaaaoooooowwww.
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Does work for you? I haven't had a chance to try it yet.
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Ah, that's good to know. (I've been sick, so I still haven't gotten around to it.) Will play with it....
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I'm now using Mobility, which is the one that was specifically designed for mobile. Don't know if it does custom colors, though.
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DW announcement today is that LJ import still works but is running with about 48-hour lagtime due to so many requests.
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LJArchive didn't work for me several times over the last year, so for the Last Goodbye for LJ (TM) I shelled out for a paid plan of BlogBooker and used that to get everything before deleting.
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