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melannen ([personal profile] melannen) wrote 2017-03-18 04:11 pm (UTC)

I think you can partake in rape culture while being explicitly anti-rape-culture, and that kind of thing is probably a good example. :/

It would probably be pretty hard for a story to hit the level of overhanging sexual violence for me to call it rape-y without probably at least some explicit discussion of rape, but you could probably hit it without reaching the level of actual content that would make me think a fanfic noncon warning was necessary?

And you can definitely write a "sexist piece of crap" without putting aura of sexual violence in, although admittedly it makes it easier.

Hmmm. I was using noncon/dubcon not necessarily in the fannish kink sense? It didn't occur to me that people are thinking of those as specifically meaning fannish tropes: it's definitely possible (okay, make that extremely common) for published fiction to include stuff I would want to call noncon or dubious consent without getting to where I'd want to call it rape. Like the scene in Grimspace where there are implicit threats and artifical sex pheromones and involuntary telepathic bonds in play but it's unclear to what extent they actually altered the ability to consent for the people involved. It's not written in a way that it would work for me as fannish dubcon kink but it also doesn't quite reach the point where I would call it "a rape scene" rather than just "rape-y." (Maybe some people are using "rape-y" partly to mean "ambiguous or dubious consent but not the way fanfic dubcon tropes use it.")

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