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melannen ([personal profile] melannen) wrote 2017-03-17 11:28 pm (UTC)

The only Nora Roberts book I read was one of her murder mysteries had only one rape in it, but it was extended and gratuitously awful (like, imagine something that would make it worse, it was in there), and also we managed to get it, in gratuitous detail, from a) the perp's POV, b) the profiler MC's attempts to see the victim's POV, c) the profiler MC's attempts to see the perp's POV, d) a videotape of it, e) the victim's dad being shown the videotape of it, f) the MC having a dream/flashback of the video, and... possibly at least one more? I had mostly tuned out by that point.

Yeah, that one probably deserved the "rapey" description. We got it the first time, Nora! We didn't need a rerun every three chapters!

The murder mystery I read after that was a Scandinavian one and it had a serial rapist as the bad guy and a lot more rapes happening, but somehow we didn't have to see ANY of them in gratuitous detail, and that was honestly a lot more effective at building suspense and reader investment.

It did not inspire me to look up Nora Roberts' other books. Which is a shame, because I keep hearing good things about her. But.

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