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rushthatspeaks ([personal profile] rushthatspeaks) wrote in [personal profile] melannen 2017-03-15 03:47 am (UTC)

I love many of these books passionately, including The Worm Ouroboros (I once saw E.R. Eddison's handwriting! it looked exactly like runes, only in English!) and Voyage to Arcturus and The Princess and the Goblin and I grew up reading E.E. "Doc" Smith and imprinted forever.

But I clicked F on Ship of Ishtar because it is the kind of screamingly-batshit pulp they just do not make 'em like anymore. The copy I read had a completely incoherent and gaudy cover which turns out to be not only literal but downplaying the scene, which is not one of the stranger scenes in the book. I can't remember how it does on racism and sexism; I was too busy boggling. Merritt is generally bad at race and time-period-decent-to-middling on gender. If you ever come across it, I highly recommend his masterpiece, Seven Footprints to Satan, which is one of the most sheerly entertaining books I know. But Ship of Ishtar is pretty boss.

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