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1. Dammit I am apparently writing Rivers of Ankh-Morpork now whyyyy

2. I am probably going to fail do NaNoWriMo with the asteroid belt story but haven't actually gotten moving on setting that up yet, whooo (election year is always bad for nano because I work a 18 hour day election day, an 12 hour day the day before, and then collapse the day after, so I start the first week three days in the hole)

(that's going to be my excuse)

3. I also haven't done anything regarding YT signup but presumably I will get around to that eventually.

4. Have you ever had a thing you put off doing for ages even though you knew it would be totally simple if you would just get off your butt and DO IT and then you finally do and it turns out, actually, no, that was actually a SUPER HARD AND TIME-CONSUMING task, and then you feel weirdly vindicated in putting it off after all? That was basically my weekend.

5. MEANWHILE I am going to be spending an extended weekend this weekend at UW-Madison - they paid for me to go for a work thing, so I decided to take the train down because I could and then spend an extra couple days exploring. So, DW, what are the must-see places in Madison, Wisconsin?
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I'm told that the interior of the Capitol Building is well worth your time to go see -- it's an old building, from the days when important public buildings got a lot of artisan decoration. Sadly, the only time I was ever there I had no chance to go and view it for myself.
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The farmer's market! It's downtown, all around the capitol building, on Saturday morning, and it's HUGE and amazing. And the independent bookstore, A Room of One's Own. And there's a really lovely botanical garden.

Also there's a lot of good food and good beer. If you drink beer at all, try something local--there are some really great breweries like New Glarus and Lake Louie that you can't get outside the midwest, or in some cases outside Wisconsin.

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Olbrich and the Arboretum are both good plant viewing.

Lots of turn to the 20th century buildings downtown.

Spend some time looking at the lakes.

Eat at Asian Sweet Bakery on Park Street.

Historical Society is interesting.
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Get food at the Asian Sweet Bakery and the lake (Monona) is at your disposal as an eating venue. You can see the dome and also part of the Terrace. If you prefer another lake, there is Memorial Union Terrace but you better look up info since there's been remodeling work/there are some membership restrictions. Otherwise Olbrich is right across the street from the other side of Monona and is the backdrop to the aerial view. More water at the arboretum.
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"Dammit I am apparently writing Rivers of Ankh-Morpork now whyyyy"

Because you are Wonderful.
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Well, you can easily understand why Father Ankh upped sticks for upstream.
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I would love to see both Rivers of Ankh-Morpork and the asteroid belt story, and I hope that election day goes well for you!
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I am really enjoying the idea of Rivers of Ankh-Morpork.
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4. Haha, almost had that experience at times, except that I put it off long enough that I really wished I hadn't waited so long to do something that turned out to be complicated.
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(My favorite of course is "I put it off so long it became clear it never actually needed doing in the first place.")

Ooh, yeah, that's the best.
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1. Because you're awesome.
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I will!