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melannen ([personal profile] melannen) wrote2010-12-18 02:53 pm

Goodbye DADT!

For once, I am watching C-SPAN live instead of BBC DemocracyLive!


...watching Kerry and McCain bitch at each other about defense treaties with Russia beforehand is strangely soothing, actually. Even if it does come down to Kerry saying, "Dude, this is the goddamn US of A, you know we're just going to ignore anything in the treaty we don't like anyway, so can we just ratify the damn thing and move on" and McCain saying "GRR RUSSIA TERRORISTS GRR".

Aww, between listening to Kerry, and spending the morning reading HP fic to prepare for my next Ace Manifesto, it feels like it's 2004 again. Nostalgia FTW! And C-Span, always the cable channel of my heart.

I remember watching C-Span when BBC Parliament went video for the first time and C-Span re-broadcast their first PMQs, and the C-Span people were all cooing over how the MPs were panicking about their bald spots showing on camera and not being visibly asleep. ♥ (BBC Parliament is still more interesting though. Congress almost never gets personal. Or catcalls from the audience.)

ETA: "The Senate will please come to order. Senators please take their conversations to the cloakrooms." really.

If they keep up this awesome I might have to start a [profile] squee_span community after all. Luckily, there is approximately zero chance they will continue to be awesome, and we will soon go back to nausea-inducing fail, I am sure.

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