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I went on the old computer this afternoon to try to transfer over my holiday music files and I *totally fail* at Linux.

I don't remember the right way to shut down, ('shutdown now' doesn't work), which possibly explains why it doesn't start up right and I have to do a hard power cycle on startup every time; I don't remember any of the passwords except root; I switched over to KDE right before I stopped using it, which I don't know anything about, and now I can't remember how to switch back to Gnome; I tried to get samba set up to fileshare through the windows network, and failed so totally that after an hour and a half I'm beginning to doubt I even *have* samba at all; in the process I think I broke filesharing on *this* computer; then I decided to just archive and send it to gmail instead and it took me two tries to remember what the archiver was, and then when I tried to use tar it spat gibberish all over my konsole window and beeped at me incessantly; so I shut down and it took me three tries to shut down at all.

I can't decided whether that makes tonight a good night or a bad night to do those ruby tutorials that [ profile] otw_news recommended.

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alternatively, you could explore with me the feasibility of an 'all candy universe'. Namely, how suns and such could possibly be made of confections and not melt.

We clearly need to make a model or run some test cases or something. Do burning marshmallows give off enough light to warm a gumball planet? (scaled to proper size to keep the marshmallow/sun::gumball/planet thing accurate)

Could there be 'glucose-based' life-forms?


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[identity profile] melannen [] 2007-11-26 06:31 am (UTC)(link)
But Sarah! We already live in a world of glucose-based life forms! Rejoice, for people are made of candy!

...mmm. I need some glucose now. Sleep or candy, sleep or candy? Such questions.